Richard Jacques at signing event in Burbank. Sonic Boom as well?

Music man of awesomeness Richard Jacques. Composer of well-known Sega games such as Sonic R, Sonic 3-D Blast, Headhunter and a track on Jet Set Radio will be signing at “The Maestros of Video Games” event at Dark Delicacies Books & Collectables in Burbank, California on June 11th. Several other game composers such as Greg Edmonson, Mike Reagan and more will attend for an hour-long Q&A panel followed by a meet and greet signing.

With this news and Aaron Webber mentioning “special musical guests” for Sonic Boom, the chances of Jacques attending this event seem pretty high. I’m getting my Jet Grind Radio and 3-D Blast covers ready to sign. Oh man! Can you feel the sunshine? Everybody jump around and get excited!



5 responses to “Richard Jacques at signing event in Burbank. Sonic Boom as well?

  1. cube_b3 says:

    I really enjoyed his work in Head Hunter, and the new tunes he composed for Head Hunter Redemption unfortunately are the best part of the game.

    What was really bizarre was that he recycled some tunes from the prequel and used them at inappropriate places given that I played the original to death, I knew the context the tunes were supposed to be played in and it just felt distracting.

  2. matty says:

    "Sonic 3-D Blast"


  3. -nSega54- says:

    What song did he do for JGR?

  4. -nSega54- says:

    Oh nice, hahah! Good stuff.

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