Sneak peek at Archie Comics Sonic Boom issue 1


Courtesy of the L.A. Times “Hero Complex section, comes a sneak peek of Sonic Boom #1. A new, ongoing somic books series from Archie comics based on the upcoming Cartoon show on Cartoon Network and video games on Wii U and 3DS. Outside the usual norm of “light-hearted action adventure” that the regular series has, this series will be strictly comedy-based with some adventure elements added in as well. Expect plenty of slapstick and fourth wall gags a’plenty. Sonic Boom issue 1 hits comic book shops on Oct 29. Click over to the comments section for links to the preview pages.


One response to “Sneak peek at Archie Comics Sonic Boom issue 1

  1. RegalSin__ says:

    You can see the artist is frustrated by the way the characters are in position…………..anyways.

    Oh wow look “lost” aka “Amazon” is an goofy character also is being shuned by her peers for being herself. Oh look she has that hideaway and stuff built…

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