SEGA going to Gamescom this year

SEGA in the last couple of years has not been shy on skipping Gamescom, a European game convention. This year? It seems like they won’t be skipping, since they were listed with publishers attending the event.

What will they be showing? I hope for the press, since most of the ones going from big sites are probably the same guys that went to E3, that they have a new demo level of Sonic Generations. City Escape, please? How about a new level unveil?

[Source: Destructoid]


One response to “SEGA going to Gamescom this year

  1. TimmiT says:

    They sort of were at Gamescom last year. I remember Sonic Colours being playable at the Nintendo booth and Sonic 4 Episode and Vanquish being playable at the Microsoft booth.

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