Swingin’ Report Show #9: Post E3 2011 special

E3 has come and gone, now we sit back and talk about all those games they showed. We talk about the big 3 and if they impressed us, talk about 3rd party booths and of course, the awesome games SEGA had to show. Takashi Iizuka, why do you laugh at the Game Gear?


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17 responses to “Swingin’ Report Show #9: Post E3 2011 special

  1. Shigs says:

    GAAAHH!! Why did my fucking power have to go out?! I had so much to talk about. Hell, Nux keeps saying "Well, Shigs played that. Shigs will have to talk about that next time." GRRRR!!

    George sounds like he's both stoned and pinching a loaf. XD

  2. Trippled says:

    Audio Quality was a bit hard to hear.

    Enjoyed listening.

  3. matty says:

    Smartphones have 3D now? Wow. Is fiber optic faster than cable? The only computers that always seem to be lighting fast are the ones at schools and libraries. Porn isn't accessible on those, though…

    I haven't seen that Kinect game commercial, but there is that one with Hulk Hogan showing his balls for Def Jam Rapstar:

    There wasn't much shown at E3 for me to look forward to seeing being released. Most sites seem to be talking about Wii U and that's it. I mean, weren't there lesser known or unique games shown here?

    Capcom used to always show the more interesting games at this event, but I didn't hear much from/about them.

    I remember games like Katamari would be shown at E3, but it seems now only a handful of games bothered to get covered now.

  4. cube_b3 says:

    I don't know if I heard this correctly?

    But did somebody says jews travel alot?

  5. -nSega54- says:

    "Audio Quality was a bit hard to hear.

    Enjoyed listening."

    Thanks a lot, glad it proved to be enjoyable.

    Yeah regarding at least my audio quality, there are a couple things I can do on my end to improve mine for whenever I'm on it again.

  6. ShadiNeko says:

    I can't hear anything nuckles is saying =P which i guess is fine. last thing i want to hear about is the wii u. but yeah.. dunno what happened, could hear everyone fine at first, but nuckles turned into like a low mumble x.X

    Not going to risk blowing my spakers just to hear nuckles then all of a sudden have george come in with a super loud voice and blow my speakers xP

    George is funny as always =P

  7. -nSega54- says:

    Kinda surprised you couldn't hear Nuckles of all people, lol. Everyone sounds fine on mine. Dunno.

  8. George says:

    Think he recorded in stereo. Psh.

  9. ShadiNeko says:

    Ah! That would explain it! XP

    Only have one working speaker at the moment. Odd that it decided to cut out in the middle though and not right away.

    Guess I'll have to plug my headphones in and listen sometime.

  10. matty says:

    Damn, Aki was pissed in this episode. lol

    And it wouldn't be Swingin’ Report Show without the audio screwed up in some way. It's part of the charm.

    Also, down a cold one when nsega says "I don't know". 😀

  11. -nSega54- says:

    I was waiting for someone to point it out, hahaha.

    "I dunno" is sort of a placeholder for me, like when I feel like I should say more that I have to think about but don't want a pause. Usually happens when I'm doing public speaking in front of a class….or, apparently, in a podcast. :p Definitely will work on it next time I'm on one. :]

  12. nuckles87 says:

    lol, that wasn't Aki, that was Sharky.

  13. George says:

    Yeah, Sharky. Though they talk the same.

  14. Sharky says:

    We sound NOTHING alike!

    He's got the indian-twinge in his accent, for a start!

    To avoid confusion;

    Nuckles sounds like Chris Chan (captains log, start date)

    Aki sounds like Ali G

    nSega sounds like /everyone/ on Xbla

    George sounds like Kermit the Frog

    I sound like a summer breeze.


  15. -nSega54- says:

    GEARS OF WAR, MAN!!!!!!!!

  16. Aki-at says:

    Me being pissed is the first thing that should tell you it is not me!

    Everyone I know always comment on how much of a posh West Londoner accent I have, so I sound nothing like Ryan! He is just some random baberic islander.

    (Yes I know the UK is an island too, shut up)

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