Swingin’ Report Show coming to SEGA Media

SEGA Media is a one stop shop for all your fan favorite SEGA-related media, so we decided that it’s time to spread the Swingin’ Report Show around. We will now have the latest SEGAbits podcasts posted over there for fans. You can rate, comment and even help us rank in their weekly chart.

So head over here and show us some love. Episode #25 will be posted in a couple of days, then a new episode is coming this Friday.

Swingin’ Report Show #20: Dreamcast Turns 12

The Dreamcast turns twelve years old. Poor white dream machine is hitting that awkward age, so we decided to give it a few sex tips. Remember, never talk to those slutty Sony children or the happy Nintendo kids. This podcast has me, nSega, Barry, and Shigs talking about our fondest Dreamcast memories, which Sonic Adventure game was truly better, plus some Shenmue craziness and much more. Let the nostalgia rise.


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Swingin’ Report Show #19: Buff Shirtless Men

In this episode we sit around talking about the recent announcements of Yakuza Black Panther 2, Yakuza 5, and show our appreciation for buff men without shirts. We go over this weeks news and answer viewer questions, even if they are a bit odd this time around. We are also on iTunes now, having some issues with the RSS still, but you can subscribe. Remember to leave us pretty reviews.


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Help: Choose our new Podcast image!

Since we got a new logo, we will also need a new podcast image to go with it. The lovely Barry The Nomad was kind enough to put up two designs.

The two are there above, tell us which one you like the best.

Swingin’ Report Show #17: GamesCom Super Duper Episode

Germany held their GamesCom this year. None of us got to go, but that doesn’t stop us from talking about it. We discuss the newest SEGA news, talk about the latest topics our readers suggested, and is Sharky drunk?


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Swingin’ Report Show #16: Comical Pants Zone

I’m hosting this week, joined by Sharky and Aki-at as we discuss the news of the week, traditional Muslim values, debate about zombies and much more. Oh, if you are looking for the stage layout of Chemical Plant Zone that we are talking about, its right here.


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Swingin’ Report Show #15: Shark Week

This is Shark week because Sharky returns on the podcast. Me and him sit down to talk about Binary Domain’s graphics, Sonic physics and much more. This podcast is not for one that is easily offended. Enjoy


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Swingin’ Report Show #14: Capes and Tights

Shigs joins us this week to talk about his sexy trip to Comic Con, we talk about this weeks news including the fact that SEGA Is loosing money and much more. Classic game talk this week is Comix Zone. Underrated masterpiece or overrated junk?


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Swingin’ Report Show #13: Hippo Wipe

We have a blamtastic podcast for you this week. Me (George), -nSEGA- (Ben) and SEGA Source writer Sanus (Cory) go super off topic. We tip our hats to hippos and Capcom. We also talk about the manly Golden Axe franchise, new Sonic Generations information and much more. Listen, we don’t bite.


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Swingin’ Report Show #12: Tight Purple Spandex

This week on the podcast you have me (George), nSEGA and Shigs talking about a variety of SEGA topics. We talk about SEGA signing a distribution deal with EA, rumored Sonic related games in the works and go off topic (quite a bit). A big theme of the podcast is the NiGHTS franchise, which turns 15 years old this week.


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Swingin’ Report Show #11: Getting hot with Sonic

This week we have a special sexy Sonic edition podcast. He is turning 20 and we are celebrating in style. Graham (from SEGA Nerds) and Shigs both join me to discuss Summer of Sonic, VMUs and much more. Listen this week for a chance to win a Sonic Boom shirt! Sadly, the Jewish man known as Nuckles87 who travels all the time couldn’t make it in time for this podcast to talk about his experience at Summer of Sonic.


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Swingin’ Report Show #10: Hack it to me

This week, George, Ben (-nSega54-), Aki, and Cory (Sega Uranus) sit down and chat about SEGA being hacked, the latest Rise of Nightmares and Binary Domain trailers, the new SEGA PlayStation Vita team, and much more. Oh, we also babble about Vectorman. You like Vectorman, right?


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Swingin’ Report Show #9: Post E3 2011 special

E3 has come and gone, now we sit back and talk about all those games they showed. We talk about the big 3 and if they impressed us, talk about 3rd party booths and of course, the awesome games SEGA had to show. Takashi Iizuka, why do you laugh at the Game Gear?


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