Swingin’ Report Show #16: Comical Pants Zone

I’m hosting this week, joined by Sharky and Aki-at as we discuss the news of the week, traditional Muslim values, debate about zombies and much more. Oh, if you are looking for the stage layout of Chemical Plant Zone that we are talking about, its right here.


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10 responses to “Swingin’ Report Show #16: Comical Pants Zone

  1. -nSega54- says:

    For the record Atlus has said Catherine sold 200,000+ in North America. It’s been well past 200k in Japan for months by this point.

    Anyway good show. Can’t really hear Aki though.

  2. Crazytails says:

    Yeah Aki was hard to hear throughout the whole thing sadly. Anyway just wanna point out that the vasting isn’t that difficult actually. I guess the first view days you still gotta get used to it, but not being able to eat or drink has some other effects as yourself as a human being as well. In a way it makes you sober and dismisses a worry for a great part of the day.

    I know the podcast wasn’t meant to be about it hehe so I understand if AKI didn’t really feel the need to eleborate alot further on it and tell the reason why muslims vast in the first place.

    It’s a month of discipline for us wealthy people. We have so much that we sometimes forget to realise and apreciate the things we have. The ramadan puts you in a humble possision and especially to those who become materialistic and spoiled throughout the year, this can be a great lesson.

    Anyway enough about that subject :p, I wanna say that I agree about sonic 2 being the best of the classic games. It took me a long time to figure that out. What makes sonic 3 and knuckles stand out is it’s length and more advanced and detailed visuals. Basically it’s presentation. But when it comes down to it, sonic 2 really is the game that’s more fun to play. Theres just something about s3k that makes it alot less thrilling experience.

    Great podcast guys

  3. Sharky says:

    Aki told me after the show that the reason Muslims fast is so they can get nice and hungry and then spend the next week indulging in gluttony and when they are so full they can’t possibly put anymore food inside them.

    They go take a massive gluttony poo next to a homeless person.

    Muslims = savages

  4. Crazytails says:


    Lol wtf. Anyway theres google so I leave the rest to you ^^.

  5. unknown says:

    The picture e-o

  6. Aki-at says:

    Yeah I told Ryan after the show the reason we fast and he was so impressed he decided to convert. Then he realized he couldn’t eat Pork and rejected everything and became a devil worshipper of the black Jesus thing or another and something.

    Anyway I have no idea what went wrong with my headset, I’ll see if its a hardware issue or software next time round.

  7. -nSega54- says:

    By the way, glad George agrees with me about not knowing wtf Anarchy Reigns is, lol. Sega really needs to do something other than just show us characters at this point.

    I actually like its visuals, though. See nothing wrong with them.

  8. cube_b3 says:

    I disagree with your ideas for Dreamcast Collection and the reasons why it failed.

    Sonic Adventure was an inferior port with little extras added despite being a port of DX, the DX features were stripped off and sold for extra cash. Wasn’t that big of a deal but the critics exploited the inferior port and the lack of extras which created bad reception.

    Crazy Taxi lacked original environments (like half the advertisments) and the original OST, again not a big deal but greatly exploited by critics.

    SEGA Bass was SEGA Bass and was just a filler title, you can’t throw all the gems away that easily.

    Space Channel 5 part 2 was the only game they took seriously but it was part 2 and out of sequence.

    But the main problem with the physical release was that it was so fucking bare bones, it had nothing more than the games. Where are the extras, the advertisments, developer interviews, marketing and management team interviews, Dreamcast launch part footage, some history lessons. Anything… Nothing!

  9. cube_b3 says:

    What the fuck CURRY Donuts?

    But I agree with Aki-At: hydration is the most important thing when fasting, I drink plenty of water before I fast and after I break fast.

    It’s the thirst that is the challenging part not the hunger.

    I’ve actually lost 2 pounds this Ramadan, and am aiming for 15 more pounds but that is done through exercise while fasting and not by eating less.

  10. Shigs says:

    Listened to this today while waiting for my mother during her eye surgery. I’m so happy that everyone picked Sonic 2. I really is the best one.

    Aki, I know many religions have a fasting time, but not thinking dirty thoughts about girls?! You can’t control that! Neither you nor any god has control over what your penis thinks. It has a mind of it’s own ya’know. XD

    Great podcast BTW.

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