The Sonic Show Releases Summer of Sonic 2011 Retrospective Hour Special

The Sonic Show people have released an hour long retrospect of what happened at Summer of Sonic ’11. Not only did they capture a ton of  video, they also go direct audio. So if you don’t have time to see the whole thing, at least see the music bits.

Hit the jump to get the break down on what is in the video.

0:37 Video Begins!
01:13 Roareye introduces you to the venue
02:13 Roareye chats to Ciara aka MERCH QUEEN
02:38 The queue outside
03:15 Roareye chats to peeps in the queue
06:35 The venue opens!
07:25 Roareye interviews Shadowgirl
08:00 The countdown!
09:10 ArchangelUK and Svend welcome the crowd
11:22 We had CHILLI DOGS, plus canteen interviews
12:22 Zonic sings preview and interview
16:18 Shadowgirl performs
18:12 Turbo and Fastfeet DJ interviews
21:00 Never Mind The Buzzbombers abridged version
29:03 Julien K perform Kick The Bass
33:35 Mike Pollock gets interviewed by lovely Roareye!
36:27 WENCH
36:44 Live Stream highlights. MIKE POLLOCK WAVED!
38:00 Wrecks Factor Live abridged version
44:55 Wrecks Factor Forfeit
47:00 Roareye interviews Vger and…. Sonic????
49:03 Jun live, playing Sonic 4 medley plus Green Hill mixes and Escape from the city!
54:04 Sonic Team Q&A abridged version
01:02:30 ArchangelUK performs LIVE AND LEARN with Jun!!!!
01:07:28 Open Your Heart. Club Sonic style, plus end credits.


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  1. B.D. Joe says:

    sonic lyric singers ^.^

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