Jeopardy! answers “Who is Sonic?”

Last week on Jeopardy it was Kids Week, so appropriately clues catered to the younger crowd. Despite being twice their age, many of the questions went over my head and were successfully answered by the competing grade schoolers. Thankfully, I was sure to get one question right and that one involved a popular blue hedgehog. On the Friday, July 8th episode, in the category Cute & Cuddly the $800 clue was: “Tails is a big-eyed friend of this ever-popular hedgehog”. The eventual champion Tony correctly answered “Sonic” in the form of a question. Thank goodness he didn’t screw up and say Shadow or Silver. Way to go, Tony! Now use that prize money to pre-order Sonic Generations, and pick up Jeopardy! for the SEGA Genesis while you’re at it.


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  1. unknown says:

    I have been trying to find a place where to watch this episode. Thing is this is the only episode of kids week I missed.

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