Third Sonic game isn’t coming this year


Despite what Nintendo of Germany’s press release said last week, SEGA has confirmed to IGN’s Richard George that the third Sonic game will not be arriving this year. This means that the third game in Nintendo’s three game deal may be more than a digital title or a spin off. It also means that this exclusive deal won’t be ending for a little while. Will Nintendo fans be getting another main Sonic title next year? Guess we’ll just have to wait and see!


2 responses to “Third Sonic game isn’t coming this year

  1. Zhen says:

    Oh so it could actually be another big game.

  2. Shinobi100 says:

    The left side of my brain, which controls logical thoughts, is happy for this, because more development time creates the possibility for improved quality in both games (though, this is not a Universal Law, as clearly evidenced by a certain group of Colonial Marines).

    The right side of my brain, which controls creative thoughts, is xtremely saddened by this because it creates the possibility we will have to wait much longer to discover any details about the 3rd game

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