Crush3D & Shinobi 3DS delayed due to 3DS not selling as expected

Update: Confirmed by SEGA on Twitter

Release Dates Confirmed for CRUSH3D and SHINOBI ON 3DS – Shinobi will be released on 11/11/11, while CRUSH3D will be released on 17/2/12

Original Story Below:

The 3DS isn’t selling horribly, but it isn’t setting the world on fire for a Nintendo handheld. 3rd parties are starting to notice and one of these publishers is SEGA, who delayed Crush 3D.

“…now we’re finding that everyone is not knowing what platform is going to succeed – we did our first 3DS title – we got Crush onto that, but we had to delay the release of that because of the success of the platform.” – Zoe Mode’s studio head Paul Mottram

Zoe Mode is getting another chance to make Crush a success after it failed to gain an audience on the PSP. I think they should worry about advertising their title more than they should worry about the adoption rate on the 3DS.

[Source: GoNintendo]
[Source: SEGA Twitter]


10 responses to “Crush3D & Shinobi 3DS delayed due to 3DS not selling as expected

  1. ShadiNeko says:

    I love that picture you made. lmao

  2. CosmicCastaway says:

    I think it is interesting how the 3DS isn't doing as well as Nintendo had hoped. Perhaps the 3D aspect of the handheld didn't win over as many people as they thought it would.

  3. nSega54 says:

    There are a lot of problems with the 3DS. Most people are sick of 3D, the system looks and feels far too similar to the DS, which there have been a ton of, the 3DS itself can be disorienting, the price is ridiculously expensive for what's offered, DS's are still in production and significantly cheaper, and there aren't a lot of good games. But SEGA delaying Crush 3D because of this is incredibly stupid; it's probably already passed the halfway point to beating the Dreamcast's 2 year+ userbase.

    Now, if Sega were to say that they are delaying the game because their marketing for it has been horrible and they realize that nobody knows that it exists, then that would make more sense.

  4. nSega54 says:

    Yeah I mean the big appeal is the 3D, which was a mistake because 3D is revealing itself to be a fad. Cars 2 and Harry Potter 7 part 2 both had only 40% of moviegoers paying to see them in 3D. The vast majority saw them in 2D. The 3DS was obviously thought of back when Avatar just came out and 3D seemed like a huge thing.

    I like 3D, don't get me wrong, I have no problem with it. My problem with the 3DS is that it just feels disorienting to me. When I go to see a movie in 3D I get used to it in about 5 seconds. Whenever I go into a Gamestop and try out a 3DS it always just feels weird and I always can feel my eyes going out of focus or something. I imagine you get used to it eventually but if most people try it for a few minutes they probably won't like it.

    And yeah. People on the Sega forums laughed at me when I said the system wouldn't do well at $250….but I just don't think a handheld can sell in North America at that price. Especially with so much competition (including 3 different DS models.)

    PS Vita will have the same problems though…but I will say that it at least looks more like it's worth the price.

    • George says:

      40% is a big adaptation rate, given that its 4 dollars or more per ticket to see it in 3D. That is a lot more, especially a whole family.

    • nSega54 says:

      last year the average movie was over 60% 3D ticket sales. Dropping down to 40% is a noticeable decline.

      Transformers 3 is the only 3D movie this year that's come close to what 3D movies were doing last year and the year before.

    • Barry the Nomad says:

      I know I stopped going to 3D movies because the effect didn't impress me, plus I saved money seeing the movie in 2D. For stuff like Deathly Hallows Part 2, I saw the 2D version as that was how I saw the previous installments of the series.

  5. matty says:

    I don't know anything about this game, but it reminds me of Mega Man Legends 3 (which Capcom just cancelled.) for the 3DS.

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