Sega-16: Celebrates 7 years with a Relaunch

I would like to apologize for my lateness as we are over a week late in reporting this but better late than never. SEGA-16.Com has relaunched and they are looking great.

For those unaware, SEGA-16 is the best site for preserving and digging deeper into the best era of SEGA, the 16-bit Era. Over the years they have interviewed corporate legends such as former SOA presidents Tom Kailnske and Michael Katz, along with devs like Mark Cerny and Peter Moriawec and even former allies like Electronic Arts founder Trip Hawkins.

If you want to be a top notch, hardcore, know it all Mr.SEGA Man, than SEGA-16 is where you start your reading.

Unfortunately it will probably take them sometime before all their features are back online.


5 responses to “Sega-16: Celebrates 7 years with a Relaunch

  1. Barry the Nomad says:

    Great to see them back! Yeah, from what I recall, they went down because they were inadvertently hosting an archived ebay auction page, which their host saw as spam/them trying to trick people into thinking it was real. Stupid reason to be offline, but glad they came back even better 🙂

  2. Taro says:

    I love sega 16, glad to see the redesign. Looks wonderful : )

  3. How come they aren't part of your "SEGA Network"?

    • Barry the Nomad says:

      Now that they're back up, I'll reach out to them. 🙂 I began the network when I started writing for SEGAbits. Since I write for all the junkyards (and Memories) it was very easy to connect them. Other connections happened thanks to other writers here writing for the other blogs. We don't really know any of the writers for SEGA-16, and a requirement is to have a list of the network sites on the main page, or a link to the network listing on the main page. If they wanted to join and are cool with that stipulation, it'd be great to add them!

    • Omnibot2000 says:

      SEGA fans worldwide unite!

      Besides, SEGA-16 and SEGAbits are both great sites. Keep it up!

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