Gamestop gets Rise of Nightmares pre-order items

With the release of Rise of Nightmares fast approaching, most users that are intrested in the title are already planning to pre-order the game. Well, if you want extras to deck out your Xbox 360, you might want to pre-order it at Gamestop.

If you do you will get the following:

  • “Mini Zombie” from the game that will interact with the player’s Avatar on the Xbox 360® dashboard (pictures above)
  • Gamestop-Exclusive Premium theme for their Xbox 360® dashboard, inspired by some of the game’s most terrifying locations
  • Gamestop-Exclusive Gamer Picture pack that includes a total of ten pictures


Rise of Nightmares is coming exclusively to the Kinect for Xbox 360 on September 6th, 2011 (US release date).

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One response to “Gamestop gets Rise of Nightmares pre-order items

  1. Was hoping for in-game content, but this is better than nothing. I might consider gamestop, unless I can save some cash with amazon.

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