Ad Shows Sonic Generations Official Release Dates

From a news post on Sonic Extreme comes info on the official release dates of Sonic Generations on PS3 and 360 and it’s closer than you think. According to an ad spotted on IGN, Sonic Generations will arrive in the US on November 1st and in the UK on November 4th.


10 responses to “Ad Shows Sonic Generations Official Release Dates

  1. radrappy says:

    could this relatively early release date reflect confidence in the game’s quality?

  2. Shigs says:

    I’m not too surprised it’s that early. Archie is doing short adaption in it’s late October issue and most of the game adaptions come the same month of the release date or shortly after.

  3. san.ake says:

    It’s not weird, Iidzuka said yesterday in an interview with Famitsu that the PS3-360 version of the game was already 95% complete.

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  5. I’ve always assumed that it was Nov. 1st, considering thats what GameStop has had on their pre-order page for a while.

  6. STORM! says:

    Oh! Cool! Let’s kill UNCHARTED 3!!

    Who will win?

  7. CosmicCastaway says:

    @ STORM!
    I’ll take Sonic Generations over Uncharted 3 any day of the week. 😉

  8. I think Generations will sell great, despite the many games arriving in October and November. Most folks will be fresh off a paycheck, so even if they bought a late October release, I think they’ll be up for a game at the first of the month. Uncharted 3 might lead to some competition, but being a PS3 exclusive and of a different genre doesn’t make it entirely up against Generations. Rayman Origins looks great, but its not a day one purchase for me. I want to wait for it to lower in price.

  9. CosmicCastaway says:

    Also Sonic Generations is only $50. I’m sure being $10 less than a lot of the upcoming titles might help more people buy it.

  10. radrappy says:

    I wouldn’t worry about how it’ll sell immediately. It’s been mentioned before that sonic games are slow burners. I’d worry more about the quality of the game in general. If it’s great, it will end up selling equally great in the long run no matter what.

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