First screens of Rhythm Thief R

The first images of SEGA’s newest 3DS title has surfaced, showcasing that indeed the style is similar to that of famous Japanese comic series Lupin the Third. The screens shows the primary character of the new game, Ralph, as well as his pet dog Fondue, escaping from the police, battling a mysterious group of knights and dancing away on the dance floor. SEGA have promised that famous artists will collaborate with them on this project and more would be revealed in the coming days. For the screenshots or further information on the title, check out the link to Andriasang below.

[Source: Andriasang] [Thanks to Deefy for the link!]


One response to “First screens of Rhythm Thief R

  1. radrappy says:

    looks like sega wants a piece of that layton pie. But hey at least it’s not a text based puzzler. A rhythm game sounds fun.

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