New Generations 3DS Stage Revealed PLUS HD Birthday Picnic

From The Sonic Scene comes two special screens from Sonic Generations. The first, seen above, reveals a new stage for the 3DS version of the game: Sonic Adventure’s Emerald Coast! While I had thought they would have gone with a stage from Sonic Advance instead, I much prefer this. Unless, of course, this is actually Neo Green Hill from the first Sonic Advance with the whale thrown in. I’m interested to see if they copy the modern layout verbatim, or offer up something new. The second image, which can be seen after the break, might be a spoiler to some, as it appears to be from the opening cutscene. Want to see it? Continue on!

Looks like the rumors were true! The game, at least the HD version, will begin with Sonic’s friends throwing him a birthday picnic. Tails, Knuckles, Amy, Espio, Charmy, Vector, Rouge, Blaze, Cream and Cheese the chao surround a table covered in treats, chili dogs and a cake featuring the Sonic Team logo. As cheesy as it looks, I like it! At least characters who aren’t so friendly with Sonic aren’t in attendance. Would look strange to see Shadow and Silver in party hats.

The Sonic Scene also shows off the OST art and Japanese package art for the game, which can be seen at the link below.

UPDATE: A screen from the 3DS Casino Night modern stage appears! While we had known of the stage being in the game since the Nintendo Power article, this is the first screen to be released.

[Source: The Sonic Scene]


12 responses to “New Generations 3DS Stage Revealed PLUS HD Birthday Picnic

  1. JUrameshi says:

    Well noticed how the most unfriendly characters aren’t in the party! But… did they really put Rouge there?? O_o

    Also, look at Charmy’s height. Now, look at Cream’s! XDDDD

  2. cube_b3 says:

    Basically the 1st stage in Sonic Advance was based on Emerald Cost.

    It was an inevitability of getting a remake of Emerald Cost but fluffy won’t be happy.

    What are your favorite stages from Adventure 1?

  3. Adam Duffield says:

    Is it me or do charaters like Tails Amy and Charmy look older? 🙂

  4. Didn’t Rouge reveal herself to be a secret agent on the good guys side? Plus, she might have a few qualms with Knuckles, but Sonic never really dealt with her.

    Plus it’s just a video game 😉

  5. GamerTB says:

    You should include the OST CDs in the article. Anything regarding Sonic Soundtracks is relevant to everyone’s interest.

  6. Shigs says:

    @JU Cream and Charmy are the same age/height. What’s the prob?

  7. JUrameshi says:

    @Barry That’s right. Just like Shadow, she’s allies with the good guys. But she isn’t exactly a close friend of Sonic’s, they barely worked together. In Sonic Heroes and Free Riders we see Rouge more like a rival than a friend.

  8. JUrameshi says:

    @Shigs Charmy is taller than Cream here (note she’s tiptoes). Back in Sonic Heroes, it was the other way around! ->> xD

  9. cube_b3 says:

    One more this remake screen shot looks vastly inferior than the Dreamcast original, I don’t care if it is 3DS.

    If your remaking it, atleast remake it for a system that can exceed the originals graphics!

  10. Arc Christelle says:

    @cube No offense but there are a lotta things that looked better than the original Emerald Coast and this shot looks way better.

    I guess Mighty’s a douche and Silver and Shadow’s preparing for a rematch.
    But it’s okay Mighty, someday they will remember you… and Ray.

  11. unknown says:

    They look freakin awesome in HD

  12. JUrameshi says:

    @cube_b3 It probably will look better with the 3D effects.

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