Sonic Mania screens and high res trailer screenshots gallery


A ton of Sonic Mania news hit yesterday, and following the bevy of information we’ve assembled the released press screenshots as well as a selection of screenshots taken from a high resolution version of the pre-order trailer. Some interesting images include new classic Eggman art, a look at Stardust Speedway and of course a tease of what we assume are the fully animated in-game cutscenes.

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Check out the latest Superdimension Neptune VS Sega Hard Girls dialogue screenshots


A slew of new screenshots for the upcoming Superdimension Neptune VS Sega Hard Girls game has been released by Idea Factory International, with the game’s dialogue being the focus. The 36 new screens, half of which are from the North American release and the other half being from the European release, give fans a peek at how the game will read and the color differences between Dreamcast’s outfit in both regions.

You can see the gallery of new screens after the break, and you can pre-order Superdimension Neptune VS Sega Hard Girls for PS Vita today and can expect the game to release on October 18th in North America and on October 21st in Europe.

Yakuza 6 to release in Japan on December 8th – Watch the new trailer now!

Released last night is a brand new trailer for the upcoming Playstation 4 game Yakuza 6! The trailer reveals several things including the release date, December 8th, and the price of 8,190 yen. The game’s full title is Yakuza 6: Inochi no Uta which translates to “Poetry of Life”. For those wondering if this is the end of the road for series star Kazuma, the trailer carries the message “The final chapter of the legend of Kazuma Kiryu.” It is unknown if this means the franchise will debut a new hero in subsequent games, or if SEGA plans to put the franchise to rest after this game. Though given how reliant SEGA of Japan are on the franchise, a new hero or more prequel titles like Yakuza 0 are probably more likely.

Check out a large gallery of screens and renders after the break, and let us know your thoughts on the game in our dedicated forum topic or in the comments below!

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New Shenmue 3 screens unveiled at Magic Monaco 2016 press conference


The Monaco Anime Game International Conference kicks off February 27th, and of interest to Shenmue fans is a much anticipated Shenmue 3 presence. As a preview of the event, a press conference was held today which featured new screens and details on the upcoming game. While the details side of things is scant right now, images from the event have hit social media. Twitter user Shenmue Forever posted some cool photos of the panel which features some new screens of the game. The images are kind of hard to see, but thankfully the Magic Monaco Twitter account shared one of the screens (seen above), and another has also found its way online (seen after the break). While the game is still very much in an early state, it’s great to see what feels like what one would see while playing the game. Let’s be honest, nothing is more iconic than the back of Ryo’s head – it is what players see for a majority of the game.

More details from the panel will be shared as we hear them!

SEGA releases new Yakuza 5 screens, 2015 release date still stands


SEGA of America have just released a new batch of screens from the upcoming Yakuza 5, detailing the game’s supporting cast. Featured characters include ambitious lieutenant for the Omi Alliance Masaru Watase, the mysterious Osaka Detective, the Mad Dog of the Shimano Family Goro Majima, sadistic inmate Hiroshi Kugihara, and Sosuke Komaki. SEGA had hoped to release the game in November, but some development bugs appeared to have pushed things back. Still, the latest press release holds firm to a 2015 release date. The game will be priced at $39.99 and will release digitally to the Playstation 3.

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Famitsu releases screens of Valkyria: Azure Revolution and Valkyria Chronicles Remastered for Playstation 4


It was announced yesterday that the Valkyria Chronicles franchise was to live on with a fourth title in the series, Valkyria: Azure Revolution, and a remastered release of the original Valkyria Chronicles with both titles releasing to the PS4 in Japan in 2016. Today, Famitsu has released screens of the upcoming games to their website in anticipation of their full magazine article which is said to hit Japanese newsstands on November 19th. Check out the gallery after the break!

New Sonic Lost World screens reveal Miiverse functions, game map, and more!

In addition to the new trailer which reveals NiGHTS bosses appearing in Sonic Lost World, which you can see here, SEGA has also released a ton of new screens from Sonic Lost World showing off various stages including Frozen Factory, 2-player assist mode, 2-player racing, Miiverse functionality, as well as the game’s world map. Like Sonic Colors, it appears that Sonic will run from act to act on a little map, and like Sonic Unleashed the more you progress in the game the more Lost Hex comes together. Check out the screens after the break, and as always share your comments below or in our lovely dedicated forum topic.

New Sonic Lost World Wii U screens reveal a return of Casino Night Zone


The Sonic Stadium got their hands on nineteen new screens from the Wii U version of Sonic Lost World, and they’re quite revealing! Desert Ruin is seen in a few screens, showing off a new giant cactus enemy, as well as iconic loops, a sand tornado, and the drill and eagle Wisps in action. A wild jungle stage is seen, which has been previously revealed in the Color Power trailer, also seen is a night stage filled with robotic owls which are seemingly on the lookout for our hero. Sonic Gear Solid? [Update: ONM UK has revealed that this stage is named Silent Forest] Most exciting for classic Sonic fans is the reveal of a Casino Night inspired zone, a stage which was sadly not a full-on action stage in the console version of Sonic Generations.

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More Bayonetta 2 screens arrive – Are U ready to dance?

Nintendo’s press site just released a load of new screens from Bayonetta 2. Like the recent Sonic screens, a majority comes from what we’ve already seen in video form. However, the screens are big and crisp and full of details that fans are sure to pour over for the coming months. Bayonetta 2 is due out sometime in 2014.

After the break, more screens than you can shake a broomstick at. Due to the file type, the usual gallery mode was not working. So I’ve simply posted all the screens full size. Those with slow internet beware.

Feast your eyes on these Mario & Sonic 2014 and Sonic Lost World screens

Via Nintendo’s press site comes a ton of new screens from Sonic Lost World for Wii U and 3DS as well as Mario & Sonic at the Sochi 2014 Olympic Winter Games for Wii U. Seen in the screens are the stages SEGA’s Aaron Webber revealed on IGN late last week. However, it is great to see them nice and crisp in the new screens. Mario & Sonic reveals… not as much. However, it does give a good look at our first HD entry to the series.

After the break, enough screens to make your head spin!

SEGA announces release dates for Jet Set Radio Vita and Mobile

While the HD version of Jet Set Radio has been out since September, fans were left wondering when the Vita and mobile versions would be announced. SEGA’s blog has the answers! Jet Set Radio is heading to iOS, Android Devices and Playstation Vita. Vita players get the game on the 20th of November, and iOS and Android fans can buy the game on the 29th of November. In North America, the game will be a PlayStation Plus Vita Instant Game Collection launch title. PS Plus members can enjoy Jet Set Radio for free from November 20th through December 31st. After the break, screens of the Vita and mobile versions!

Ulala confirmed for All-Stars Racing Transformed, plus more screens and a new trailer!

What a day it has been for Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed reveals! First we learned about Sky Sanctuary being a track, then a batch of new screens release confirming the return of Ulala to the racer roster as well as what appears to be a The House of the Dead Curien Mansion track. Also, a new trailer entitled “Ways to Race” shows off the many game modes including world tour, multiplayer and missions, as well as our first look at what I assume is the Shinobi track. Great news for The House of the Dead fans: the franchise is also represented as a battle arena. Also, Sonic’s Starlight Carnival, Jet Set Radio and After Burner will have their own arenas.

After the break, screens featuring Ulala and the NiGHTS track!

Golden Axe and Streets of Rage collections ready to play on XBLA

As of today, two more SEGA Vintage Collection releases have hit XBLA: a Streets of Rage collection and a Golden Axe collection. Each are 800 msp and include the complete Genesis trilogies from each franchise. Unlike last week’s collections, these collections appeared in full in the disc release of Sonic’s Ultimate Genesis Collection. However, this time out M2 handled the port, so the quality may be better than the UGC versions. There are also the 3D menus, the slick opening animations, online play and achievements. Those are all good reasons to buy the games again. After the break, a gallery of images from the collections as well as a video preview of the trials. Check out the video for the awesome Vintage Collection opening titles.

Check out some All-Stars Racing Transformed concept art!

Yesterday it was the announcement, preview and podcast. Today: concept art! Thanks to French gaming site comes a collection of artworks from the Panzer Dragoon and Monkey Ball tracks. They also released a few new screens including a look at the back of B.D. Joe’s vehicle in flight. Fun fact: some screens have a “ASN” label. This refers to the game’s internal name “All-Stars Next”. Check out the concept art, and new screens, after the break!