Binary Domain screens shows allies and enemies

The latest batch of Binary Domain images have been released and they show a group of enemy types as well as some of the characters the player will get to meet in the game. One in particular that stands out is a NPC that will become part of your team, a French military robot known as Cain who sports stylish fashion wear for a combat machine. Along with Cain, the images show what I would presume is the chief antagonist Amada, the man responsible for the outbreak of the “Hollow Childs” and other characters that you will meet, such as a teenage Japanese girl and a police officer who was seen in the story trailer SEGA released some time ago now. The enemy types range from heavy gunners and snipers to the giant robot spider boss that has been seen before. The underground locals of Japan are also shown. Hit the jump after the break for a wealth of Binary Domain screenshots.

[Source: Famitsu] [Thanks to Suzuki Yu for the tip!]

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3 responses to “Binary Domain screens shows allies and enemies

  1. natsume says:

    nice graphics

  2. -nSega54- says:

    The bottom row of images look nice. Glad to see some color.

  3. Cain says:

    Cain is awesome 😀 …

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