Help: Choose our new Podcast image!

Since we got a new logo, we will also need a new podcast image to go with it. The lovely Barry The Nomad was kind enough to put up two designs.

The two are there above, tell us which one you like the best.


27 responses to “Help: Choose our new Podcast image!

  1. Suzuki Yu says:

    the one of the left make more sense to me

  2. Crazytails says:

    I’d pick the left one but I can’t help but see DJ professor K in front of that table :P. Would be a nice touch

  3. Crazytails says:

    wait lol, I noticed that it is in fact professor K’s room. Nvm -_-

  4. Kettle says:

    The left one seems like a better design but I can’t help but prefer the right one for some reason.

  5. CosmicCastaway says:

    I love the one on the right.

  6. Sharky says:

    I like them both so I say we find a way to keep both!!!

  7. Upsidedown Fuji says:

    I prefer the one on the left

  8. FinalFan says:

    Same as Sharky, maybe try a gif with both pictures 🙂

  9. max_cady says:

    man, it’s a tough call. But I’d go with the one on the left too.

  10. Thanks for kind words, all! So far:

    LEFT – 4
    RIGHT – 2

    Combining the two would prove too difficult as there are too many elements involved. Three floating heads, a studio and the logo would be too much for the tiny podcast image.

  11. segaismysavior says:


  12. SEGA MAN says:

    I would have to say the one on the left as well.

  13. Leftt because we all love Sega for different reasons. I don’t care too much about Sonic, VF or Sc5.

  14. Shigs says:

    The one on the left. The right is very nice, but I like the idea of podcasting in Professor K’s booth.

  15. Gibb says:

    Tough call, but I’d say the one on the right.

  16. -nSega54- says:

    I’m surprised, I thought more people would prefer the one on the right. I agree though that the one on the left is a better fit for the podcast. Now if only the podcasts themselves could get 16 comments, lol….. :p

  17. unknown says:

    Left: 85%
    Right: 15%

  18. Suzuki Yu says:

    about the podcast itself
    i think it’s way too long … why not make it more on subject and shorter than what it is??
    anyone else share the same opinion?

  19. matty says:

    The left one is very appropriate. It does sound like I’m listening to the podcast through a vinyl record player 😀

  20. matty says:

    @Suzuki: Nope! Actually, I want them to be longer! Hearing them bullshit is part of the charm, imo.

  21. -nSega54- says:

    ^Thanks for the feedback to both Suzuku Yu and Matty.

    Most internet Podcasts generally run about an hour in length and ours usually shoot for about that long (The latest one pretty much clocked in at exactly that point.)

    We shoot for an hour and sometimes we do go over, and we’re definitely conscious of that fact when recording, but it seems like it doesn’t make a ton of difference; Last week’s was almost 90 minutes long but it got more comments and discussion than our most recent one, which was 60, so…I mean, it’s been hard to say that (from our standpoint) shorter has proven to be definitively better.

    Anyone else agree with Suzuki Yu? Would you listen to the podcast more if it were shorter? Or are you like Matty and enjoy the length they’ve been?

  22. I like the hour length. I put the thing on during work, so I’m not bothered by the time. I like that it allows for more topics to be discussed.

  23. Trippled says:

    Whatever I would feel like choosing

  24. crackdude says:


  25. I hate when podcasts are rushed because you are trying to hit some imaginary time-limit. It’s your podcast, talk as long as you want. Also, tell Shadi to stop being so lazy and get it back in iTunes,

  26. Crazytails says:

    The podcast is fine the way it is. It’s great to hear some divided opinions on the games for as long as possible. If you think they drag too long, then just stop listening when you think it does.

    I think more of you should just give it a chance and simply enjoy it. Comments aren’t mandetory but I guess it’d be nice to know how many are actually listening to it.

    Personally I listen to all of em

  27. teirusu says:

    i choose the one on the right it’s more cooler beacause sonic is in it

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