Thor and Captain America still coming out to 3DS. Release Dates Announced

Better late than never I guess. Marvel Comics has announced on thier site that Captain America and Thor will be arriving soon for the Nintendo 3DS. The all-but-abandoned games will arrive around the same time as their DVD/Blu-Ray releases. With Thor on September 13 and Captain America on October 25. No screenshots or video have been released for either game.


6 responses to “Thor and Captain America still coming out to 3DS. Release Dates Announced

  1. shinobi100 says:

    Glad they didn’t try to rush these out with the releases on other systems. I don’t think the developers had the 3DS dev kit for very long when the other versions were coming out. These are ports of the Wii games. They had to switch control schemes from motion to touch and add 3D effect. The Wii versions of these were avg., w/ review scores at about 6 out of 10 for each. But for a chance to play as your fave hero, I think 6 outta 10 equates to “must buy.”

    Kind of upsetting in one area though. The 3DS is more powerful than WII. Spider-Man Edge of Time is porting the PS3 version to 3DS. Shouldn’t they be porting the most advanced game they can to the 3DS?? It balances out in this case. The PS3 version of Cap was better than the Wii version, while the PS3 Thor stunk.

  2. Shigs says:

    But we don’t know if we’re getting ports of other versions or an all-new version as there are no details about these games.

    Man, talk about being sent out to die. Not only are they coming out long after the other versions have been released, but it’s during the fall when most big-name games arrive.

  3. Trippled says:


    Why is SEGA on the Box…

    “cries in the shower”

  4. They need to develop some sort of radio controlled ink that goes invisible if reviews of a game go south. If the games rate well, SEGA remains on the box. If they fail, Mike Hayes pushes a secret button that causes the blue and white logo ink to dissolve into nothingness.

  5. ShadiNeko says:

    Yay more junk for Shigs to review

  6. shinobi100 says:

    I saw on IGN that these were being developed by Red Fly and High Voltage, the same people that did the Wii versions. Though, with a couple months extra development time and a completely diff. control scheme, these games should be noticeably different…hopefully for the better.

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