Captain America 3DS Trailer

Today, Marvel and Sega have shown the trailer for Captain America: Super soldier on the 3DS. Like Thor, the game is a port of the Wii version. If you recall my review, the game’s not too bad and may be worth your time if you’re looking for a decent action/platform game. The game retails for $29.99 and will be available tomorrow, October 25th.


Review: Captain America: Super Soldier (Wii)

When Nuckles87 assigned me to do the hands on for Captain America on Wii during E3, I wasn’t too happy. The game just looked like another washed down, crappy port. I was surprised however, at the level of quality the game had. The game is handled by High Voltage. Mainly the HV team that handled Tournament of Legends (poorly reviewed but I thought it was okay). Now, I bought the PS3 version which I love despite how some may feel (No offense Aki), but after playing and beating the Wii version, does it hold up well or is it just another watered-down Wii port? Read on. Read further down for a Bonus Feature.

Review: Captain America: Super Soldier (PS3)

With the release of Captain America: Super Soldier, SEGA will be bringing a close to the licensing deal that they started with Marvel several years ago. So after four tie-ins with Marvel Entertainment, has SEGA improved in the quality of their licensed output? Read on to find out in my extensive review on the last game in their Marvel movie tie-in, Captain America: Super Soldier.

Captain America: Super Soldier has been in development since 2008

As if we needed another reason to compliment this game. It already looks miles better than the best parts of Iron Man, Iron Man 2, The Incredible Hulk, and Thor: God Of Thunder. The combat and gameplay looks smooth and pretty polished. The story even looks pretty good.

And now, we find out that this title has been given a three year development cycle. Going off of SEGA’s track record with movie games, this is very rare.

Also of note is that the development company, Next Level Games (Super Mario Strikers, Transformers: Cybertron, Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon), convinced SEGA and Marvel to let them write their own original story for the game. They even brought in Christos Gage, a Marvel writer, to craft it.

Captain America is coming to the 360, Wii, 3DS, DS, PS3, and PSP on July 19th in North America, and July 15th in Europe.

[Source: PlayStation Universe]

Thor & Captain America games at WonderCon

Behind the scenes with Thor

Thor: God Of Thunder

SEGA appeared at WonderCon in San Francisco last week, and showed off their two remaining Marvel games: Captain America: Super Soldier, and Thor: God Of Thunder. Above is a new behind the scenes look at Thor, and a very bad looking Thor trailer for the Wii. Over at the SEGA Blogs, they also included that awful looking Captain America Wii trailer that I previously reported on.

So, what do the SEGAbits readers think of these two games? I think Captain America is looking a lot better than Thor, and I hope SEGA will strive for this quality anytime they ever think about making another license game.

[Source: SEGA]

Captain America: Super Solider hands on

Who knew that one of SEGA’s own movie license games would be getting rave reviews? Surely not us…er..anyone, really. But Captain America is seemingly exciting the masses. Destructoid’s new hands on/interview/wrap up thing details how awesome the game plays and the cinematic experience it gives through cut scenes and the fluidity of everything progressing. Check it out, it sure looks good and actually worth playing. It’ll probably sell as well as Iron man, if not better, which probably means a sequel. But promise me this, SEGA, if you do another Captain America game after this, make it good, not like the Iron Man games, or how Thor is looking. Please?

[Source: Destructoid]

First Captain America: Super Solider trailer

The first Captain America: Super Solider trailer is out and  we can finally have a look at the gameplay. It is pretty obvious that the brawling aspect of the game was highly influenced by Batman: Arkham Asylum .

Something also shown in the trailer is a small section of platforming, which is good. Means variety of gameplay. Sure the graphics aren’t really going to impress anyone, but if the game is fun, that is fine by me.

[Thanks: CosmicCastaway]

Captain America video game details and screens

You may recall our little reveal that a Captain America game was being developed for the Wii by High Voltage Software awhile back. Well now, the game has been officially revealed, and the developer for the other versions has been brought to light.

The upcoming Captain America movie tie-in video game, Captain America: Super Soldier , is being developed by Next Level (Punch Out!!! and Spider-Man: Friend or Foe) .

The video game will take place before the upcoming movie, Captain America: First Avenger. The game will be written by Christos Gage, who did Avengers: The Initiative and is also currently doing Avengers Academy. If you haven’t guessed it, the game (and film) will take place during World War II.

The game is set to come out next year for the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, PSP, Wii, and DS.

HVS Working on Captain America For Wii

Sorry, tried to find a funnier pic, but this'll work.

I did an interview with Conduit 2’s Creative Director for the website Conduit Portal, and gave me a bit of info: High Voltage Software is working on the game adaption for Captain America: The First Avenger for the Wii.

SEGA was apparently happy with what they did with Iron Man 2, and are giving them much more freedom with this game. You can expect some further details, along with a whole load of details regarding HVS and their work with SEGA, when the interview is released in the next few days.

Thor and Captain America concept art

Above is the concept art for both Thor and Captain America. This is to show off what their on screen outfits will look like. I have to say, the Captain America one is passable, but I do not like the Thor one that much.

If you did not know, SEGA will also be making a Thor and Captain America game based on the upcoming motion pictures. Hopefully they turn out better than the Iron Man games.

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