Swingin’ Report Show #20: Dreamcast Turns 12

The Dreamcast turns twelve years old. Poor white dream machine is hitting that awkward age, so we decided to give it a few sex tips. Remember, never talk to those slutty Sony children or the happy Nintendo kids. This podcast has me, nSega, Barry, and Shigs talking about our fondest Dreamcast memories, which Sonic Adventure game was truly better, plus some Shenmue craziness and much more. Let the nostalgia rise.


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19 responses to “Swingin’ Report Show #20: Dreamcast Turns 12

  1. Taro Yamada says:

    No joke on the Sega raffles, you should need to prove you are a sega fan to win that stuff. It really pisses me off that non-fans get stuff.

  2. Taro Yamada says:

    Fuck you I am double posting, no shit. Sonic Adventure is the more consistent game, but Sonic Adventure 2’s highs are higher than SA 1.

  3. segaismysavior says:

    Hilariously unfunnny Shenmue moments: anything with Goro, Chai’s eardrum-scraping English voice countered his super creepy/intimidating movements, and Ryo’s lack of romantic skills.

    I like Sonic Adventure better, but mainly due to the levels, it really is a clunky game yet I still enjoy it. The sequel had many improvements, but all I ever cared about was the awesome Chao Garden/Races/Karate and using the levels to harvest Chaos drives and animals.

    I never got a chance to take my DC online, cause I had AOL for internet at home, and a college T3 at school. If the LAN port had come out sooner, then I’d probably have snatched it up and been addicted to PSO.

  4. crazytails says:

    We also have Rise of nightmares commercials here in the netherlands. I was quite surprised cuz they look really apealing as well.

    I also like sonic adventure 1 more than 2 because… well barry summed it up nicely imo. The level tropes were defenitly better. But in a way the production values felt bigger. The music was amazing, the overall scale felt bigger.

    I also actually like sonic shuffle. I think the loading times are what break the game the most.

  5. crazytails says:

    Also a little bit of info: Shadow was created by Iizuka lol

  6. -nSega54- says:

    Sonic Adventure 1 to me has moments that are far superior to SA2. There’s nothing in SA2 that reaches the heights of Twinkle Park, etc….SA1 just NAILED the atmosphere and had a classic yet modern feel. The experience, especially when it first came out, of getting to play Sonic in 3D for the first time was unparalleled.

    …that said, whenever I play both games back-to-back, it’s just an inescapable fact, to me, that SA2’s not only the more polished product, but it’s better put together, it has a stronger narrative, (Last Mode was intense and pretty strong, I felt) it has much more fleshed out extras, and each level is an original; you don’t play through the same levels as multiple characters unlike in SA1. And it doesn’t have you wandering Adventure Fields in search of keys. So that’s my reasoning. I debated with myself over it for years, and I’ve come to the conclusion that SA1 was and will always be the more memorable experience, but there’s no question to me that looking at it objectively, SA2 is the better game, IMO.

  7. crazytails says:

    You’re saying back to back as in you allready finished both games and you just pick whatever level and play. I can agree with that the sonic levels in sa2 felt more polished overall, but imo when we talk about both games as a whole. Sonic adventure 2’s bad overways the good as in not only gameplay, but for me personally it goes from artstyle to music and even the storyline.

    Sonic adventure 1 was overall pretty good and even the alternate gameplay were tolerable except for big. Knuckles wasn’t such an anoying hastle apart from big, gamma, amy and tails were all pretty okay to go through.

    I was still pretty young when playing sonic adventure 2 the first time, but to me it instantly just felt off, the whole direction just wasn’t as familiar even though I ended up 100%ing the game.

  8. Emmett The Crab says:

    The last couple of podcasts aren’t there in iTunes. #17 is the last one on there.

  9. -nSega54- says:

    “You’re saying back to back as in you allready finished both games and you just pick whatever level and play. I can agree with that the sonic levels in sa2 felt more polished overall, but imo when we talk about both games as a whole. Sonic adventure 2′s bad overways the good as in not only gameplay, but for me personally it goes from artstyle to music and even the storyline.”

    Nah I’m saying as in starting from New Game in both games. Sonic’s gameplay in SA1 fades once you reach Sky Deck. Not bad levels going forward (‘specially Lost World) but not great. SA2 I feel didn’t have that problem. Levels were fun all the way through. As far as the bad outweighing the good……..eh. Like I said, I enjoyed SA1 more back in the day but looking at both games, I feel that SA2 not only holds up better today but just offered much *more* gameplay.

  10. Crazytails says:

    I don’t really get what you mean with “gameplay fades once you reach sky deck”. I do reckon sonic adventure was a glitchy mess in sky deck and lost world, though still very unique stages. Sky deck was vast and open. Actually most stages in sa1 gave that feeling of having more than just a straight path most of the them. Final egg was also a very good final stage.

    I disagree with you however. I find sonic adventure 2’s two third of the game to be awful. Not only do they have the same amount if not more(cuz they take longer) than the sonic stages, but the taken gameplay styles from sa1(gamma’s shooting and the treasure hunting) are executed worse and less fun. Gamma’s stages were still very fast paced and the time thing was pretty cool while in sa2 the controls felt heavy/slow and the stages took long(I am not gonna lie that I enjoyed A ranking some of them). Knuckles/rouge is just tedious in sa2 imo. And this is what’s so bad about the story modes in sa2. You are forced to play with them when you don’t want to. It’s just crazy that you go from awesome sonic stages to tails and then knuckles, and sometimes it went so far that you didn’t have sonic stages for 3 levels (knuckles, tails, knuckles).

    But yeah technically I think you are right when saying that sa2 holds up better today. I don’t think it’s the better game though.

  11. Trippled says:

    I find Sonic Adventure 2’s Speed Levels to be better since they play alot more smoothly and less bugly, and have more “Core” gameplay. Sonic Adventure 1, where you ride a plane,snowboard etc. etc. deviate too much from the Core gameplay, and there’s too much gimmicky in general that does that stuff. It feels more like a bizarre Tech-Demo than a real game that know what it is. SA2 felt more focused but as trade alot less inspired.

    The Genesis game had focus, and alot of Variety without deviating from the Core gameplay.

  12. -nSega54- says:

    Crazytails; I just mean that Skydeck and Final Egg aren’t all that fun. I never go back to re-play those levels for fun while I think every Sonic level in SA2 is a winner.

    I do like Lost World, but that’s more for its atmosphere than fun gameplay. There’s some tough platforming in there. SA1’s shooting was totally under-developed. There was almost no skill at all required. SA2 may have slowed it down but those levels were much more about platforming as a focus in the Eggman/Tails levels than Gamma levels. Now…yeah, agreed, doesn’t necessarily belong in a Sonic game but it was far more developed than the shooting in SA1. Again, I can go back and play levels like Prison Lane or the amazing Cosmic Wall for fun nowadays and don’t ever see myself doing that with Gamma. His levels were just sections of Sonic’s levels but with little enemies you had to lock onto and shoot.

    Emerald hunting I’ll agree was wrecked in SA2.

  13. George says:

    I agree that Final Egg and Skydeck aren’t fun. But neither is all the levels with Knuckles, Rogue, Tails or Eggman. Add the Shadow/Sonic levels like Crazy Gadget, Final Rush and Final Chase that suck.

    So you basically enjoy like… 6 stages.

    Anything that was in space in Sonic Adventure 2 sucked really bad. Also the rail riding was terrible, I’m glad its fixed now.

  14. -nSega54- says:

    Cosmic Wall was an amazing Eggman level, seriously, give it a try son. There were 10 Sonic/Shadow levels in SA2, same as the amount of Sonic levels in SA1. Plus the bosses and Last Mode. Tails and Rouge also each had a Driving level. There was plenty of speed to be found in the game.

    I agree there should have been more of ’em. Space in SA2 was more fun (IMO) than Egg Carrier in SA1. Only space level that I couldn’t stand was Rouge’s Mad Space.

  15. crazytails says:

    Naw man. FInal egg is an amzing stage. Ya’ll being mad !!

  16. -nSega54- says:

    lol it’s slooooooooooooooooow.

  17. looowis says:

    Sonic A 1 had so much more charm…

  18. -nSega54- says:

    I’ll agree with that.

  19. matty says:

    Not even Scarlet Johanson (sp?) could save The Spirit.

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