The Complete Dreamcast Dreamroom Marathon Now on YouTube, Check It Out!

Another Dreamroom has come and gone, but those who missed it can catch it NOW at the Dreamcast Junkyard YouTube channel in 5 parts totaling nine and a half hours!

We started things off with some demos and videos from the original demo disc bundled with launch consoles, the Dreamcast Generator. We then played the Japanese demo “What’s Shenmue?” followed by Senior Managing Director Yukawa’s goofy contest game. I had some lunch and threw on Shenmue the Movie, then returned with the awesome Skies of Arcadia and made a good amount of progress with my still in progress save file. Skies of Arcadia, someday I will complete you. Part 2 continues the Skies gameplay, and then I moved on to Jet Grind Radio. We made a bit of graffiti that memorialized the forgettable Dreamcast game “The Grinch” and tagged it about Tokyo-to.

Part 3 featured Phantasy Star Online Ver. 2, with some entry level Forest gameplay. A bit more of Shenmue the Movie played, and then I returned with Bust a Move 4 and Tech RomancerPart 4 saw the arrival of my guests, so we cracked open some multiplayer games! But first… some VMU games played via the VMU Tool emulator. Pretty simple, but nostalgic, stuff. We then played some Power Stone, had a gripping game of Sonic Shuffle (I won!) and played a bit of Power Stone 2. In the final part 5 the goofy indie title Cool Herders was played, we headed to the islands to play Ooga Booga, we blew s*** up in Fast Striker, then finished the night off with Ready 2 Rumble and Star Wars Episode 1: Jedi Power Battles. Overall, it was a great night! Lots of fun chatter and memories.

I know next year’s marathon is a long ways off, but I’m already looking forward to it. Thanks to everyone who joined in to watch!


4 responses to “The Complete Dreamcast Dreamroom Marathon Now on YouTube, Check It Out!

  1. segaismysavior says:

    Watching this on 9/9 rekindled my addiction to Phantasy Star Online. At first I played the DC version for a day, then I moved on to the Gamecube’s “Plus” version.

    I’ve also been playing JSR and Toy Commander in short bursts every couple days. Very pleased to see that Toy Commander has widescreen support!

  2. Glad I got you back in the DC mood!

    Rayman, Fur Fighters and Wacky Races also support widescreen. More are listed here:

  3. Ryan says:

    Sega Dreamcast was sooo ahead of its time.

  4. Gagaman says:

    I would upload the Dreamroom UK marathons too if they didn’t keep getting cut short on youtube and if i try to convert these flv’s into anything else uuuuggghhh.

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