SEGA patching Chu Chu Rocket, adding 100 extra levels

Gah, you get a game and then you have to patch it. Isn’t that annoying? Well, this time, you might actually be happy about patching up your game. Not only will this patch fix annoying bugs, it will add 100 extra levels. Full details:
• iPad Game Center for OS 4.2 iPads
• 100 Extra levels added to Puzzle mode
• Ghost arrows added to Multiplayer mode
• Arrow placement UI improved
• Multiplayer lobby UI improved

• Rare crash-at-launch bug fixed
• Bug that occasionally caused some achievements not to unlock fixed
• Mouse-entering-rocket audio issue fixed
• Performance upgrades

Actually a pretty fast patch, considering I have seen SEGA take forever to  patch their other titles or not patch them at all. But it won’t stop here, SEGA says they have ‘more plans’ for Chu Chu Rocket in the future. Exciting.

[Source: SEGAblog]


3 responses to “SEGA patching Chu Chu Rocket, adding 100 extra levels

  1. Sharky says:

    Handle all games this way and Sega will get some serious admiration.

  2. Very very cool! Glad I didn't write a review just yet, because lack of puzzles was going to be one of the negative points.

    Also, more plans could very well be a puzzle edit mode, which the game did not have. I'm hoping it's that, or an HD consoles release 😀

  3. Nice artical. That crashing bug is not as rare as they say. You should edit and say that the update is tomorrow 11/19/10. I'm looking forward to that update.

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