ChuChuRocket! gets updated: Online multiplayer added!

SEGA has been showing a ton of support for ChuChuRocket! on the iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad. Last time they updated it with over 100 more levels, this time you will get retina support and best of all online multiplayer has been added.

If that wasn’t enough, the game is on sale right now for only a dollar. A freaking dollar for this awesomness? I love it.

[Source: SEGAblog]


3 responses to “ChuChuRocket! gets updated: Online multiplayer added!

  1. Sega Stylista says:

    I appreciate the attention iphone/pod/pad is getting on this site. ios devices are the reason Sega's stock has powered from $1.60 to &4.60. The revenue source is a huge boost to Sega. Fans should campaign for more Sega iphone goodness including DREAMCAST to iOS ports. That will be huge.

  2. Sharky says:

    I think Sega of America becoming dedicated to these social/ios device games was another good move… Originally it was a bit jarring but it's not like they were making anything good they were flip flopping all over the place.

    Now they are supporting these games well and seem to be on the right track.

  3. I sure wish I had had $200+ to spend on an iPod Touch just to enjoy a temporarily $1 game that I already own on 2 systems…

    Additional Dreamcast ports would make me go buy one without hesitation. Considering the graphics chipset is "Dreamcast's Great Grandson," I'm not sure why those ports haven't happened.

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