Valkyria Chronicles III isn’t being localized

I’m one of those people who fell in love with the Valkyria Chronicles video games and highly enjoyed the second entry to the franchise, even though it was on the PSP and not on the PS3.

So what about the 3rd game in the franchise? According to SEGA’s Hiroshi Seno, they have no plans on bringing the 3rd game over to the Western market. Why? Due to Valkyria Chronicles II selling poorly. I think part of the reason the second game did poorly was due to it jumping platforms, especially to a platform that is dying outside of Japan (the PSP).

Hey SEGA, if you have no plans on bringing it over, let someone like Atlus USA or NIS America bring it over. Thanks.

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11 responses to “Valkyria Chronicles III isn’t being localized

  1. Shigs says:

    “SIGH” Expected due to the high piracy of PSP in the west, but it still sucks. I played the demo and it looked like it was gonna be the best one yet. Maybe they can do a PS3 collection version and transfer it to HD. GET TO WORK SEGA! I WANT VALKERIA CHRONICLES TRILOGY IN HD ON PS3!!

  2. Centrale says:

    The jump to PSP is definitely what stopped me from getting VCII. I got a PS3 specifically for VC and Yakuza. But I couldn’t afford yet another system.

  3. Sharky says:

    I hope from now on, now that the PS-Vita has a similar spec to the PS3 games like VC and Yakuza can be developed natively for the PS3 and then ported to handhelds so nobody has to miss out…

    I can’t stand handheld consoles…

  4. segaismysavior says:

    It’ll be released in some form at some date on some future console, but I’d rather not wait for that port. Not knowing specifics makes the heart grow bitter and nervous.

  5. Skateboard says:

    It’s unbearable sad news T_T. Words almost fail me. I just wish SEGA would give us fans at least some outlook on what they are going to do. Knowing what’s going on would make the whole situation a lot easier to deal with and also calm down the haters. It’s never happening? Ok, then please make it short and sweet. Now we have to wonder… is SEGA interested in outsourcing the translation? Yes? No? How likely? Is there a chance to get a HD release? Yes? No? How likely? What about the PS Vita? Yes? No? How likely? What will you do SEGA? …sitting on the lower end awaiting inexplicable desicions is just back-breaking. All we can do is to support the Gallian Liberation Front and wait. Kanpai!

  6. CrazyTails says:

    I’m upset but i hope it will be released eventually

  7. ricerictwice says:

    I hope they let somebody else localize it, I want to know the story, and not have to flip through an online faq to figure out what everything is saying, not my idea of fun. They let Working Designs bring some over back in the Saturn days and NIS with Sakura Wars: So Long my Love.

  8. -nSega54- says:

    Back on the Sega forums I complained as soon as VC2 was announced for the PSP, saying that it was a move basically guaranteed to kill off the franchise in the West, and it only took 1 game for that to come to pass.

    Platform-jumping is always a pretty bad move with a franchise, especially to a platform which is noticeably downgraded technically from the original and one with no Western fanbase.

    Western VC fans are the ones who lose out the most, while Sega has yet another franchise they’ve failed to carry to success in the Western market.

    I think the least Sega could do is allow another publisher to take over, though given their total reluctance to do that in the past (Yakuza) I wouldn’t hold your breath.

  9. matty says:

    It’s actually possible to translate and ROM dump on games on the PSP. It’s be done for one of the Project Diva games(although, it’s not really needed for a rhythm game).
    I don’t know if it’s the platform that fans have a problem with, but with the fan base as large as SEGA has I would think it would be possible to at least throw it on PSN. Or, the fans translate themselves.

  10. CrazyTails says:

    ^they’ve done that with black panther (yakuza)

  11. SDreamer says:

    VC2 on PSP was enough reason to not get it. I sought over a PS3 just for Valkyria Chronicles, then VC2 was announced for PSP, I gave up. It again reminds me that these companies do it for the money and not the fans (at least the people who decides where these projects go to…).

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