Today ARKEDO and Sega have announced a project together, the project is called Project “Hell Yeah!” and that’s about all we know about the game.

On THEIR BLOG they give away a little bit of information, the first morsel comes in the form of three pictures, the first is above the second two you will see when you hit the jump. One of them says ‘MONSTERS …Lots of them.’ the other asks if you have seen ‘this dead rabbit’.

If you’ve never heard of ARKEDO here is some info from Wikipedia:

Arkedo Studio is a French independent videogame developer, founded in 2006 by Camille Guermonprez and Aurélien Régard. The company released their first game, Nervous Brickdown for the Nintendo DS, in 2007. They followed that game with 2009’s Big Bang Mini—also for DS, and then later OMG: Our Manic Game for Windows Mobil. The company’s founding goal was to be “as small as possible”, while still creating “‘real’ games – in boxes, with a manual”. The company’s owners have sought to retain the rights to their intellectual properties; as of January 2010, they continue to hold them all.”

Hit the jump for the first blog post and two more pictures:

Bonjour !
Long time no talk. How are you?

Us? We’re feeling great.
We really are!

We are currently designing our biggest -and hopefully BEST- game so far. And wesigned it with our dream publisher. Our work on the “Project Hell Yeah!” has begun 9 months ago. This blog is here to tell you about it, and more.

So we will dance a little for you. Sing a little for you. Then, one day, we’ll be yours. That’s the plan anyway…
In the meantime, enjoy the blog, and let’s have some nice clean fun while it lasts!


4 responses to “Project “HELL YEAH!” (ARKEDO + SEGA)

  1. CrazyTails says:

    Any new SEGA IP makes me excited so BRING IT!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Arkedo’s Pix’n Love Rush is an awesome iOS game, can’t wait to see how this turns out!

  3. Body PRESS says:

    I loved Arkedo’s games for the Indie section of the Xbox 360 marketplace, so I can’t wait to see how this turns out.

  4. Arc Christelle says:

    I’ve never heard of Arkedo, but I am intrigued by the design, time to do some research.

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