Black Friday: Some SEGA deals you will want to take part in

Sadly this year doesn’t have too much SEGA stuff on sale. Not neat bundles like Sony, Microsoft or Nintendo are releasing. But you can get some pretty good games for really cheap. Example:

  • Walmart is having Yakuza 4 for $9.99.
  • Gamestop is having Sonic Generations for $29.99 (including 360 & PS3 versions)
  • Target is having Sonic and the Secret of the rings for $9.99.
If you guys go on our site and don’t know about Yakuza games, picking up the 4th one for only 10 bucks is a damn steal. Get it! It has videos that catch you up. That is all the SEGA related deals I could find. If you guys find other deals leave them in the comment box or contact us. 

6 responses to “Black Friday: Some SEGA deals you will want to take part in

  1. teirusu says:

    nice i will pick up sonic and the secret rings and yakuza nice good offers

  2. teirusu says:

    nobody has posted a comment besides me in this topic lol

  3. Well, there are no deals to report! Yet…

  4. Centrale says:

    Yakuza 4 makes a great gift. Stock up and show a few friends who haven’t tried it what a great series it is!

  5. unknown says:

    well i have been somewhat wanting sonic and the secret rings…

  6. matty says:

    Jesus. I have to work on Black Friday, and I have to live through this scene again…
    PSA: On this day, please, be patient and tip generously when possible. It will be much appreciated. Thanks.

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