Sonic Forces for mobile adds Darkspine Sonic from Sonic and the Secret Rings to roster

Usually we don’t news every new addition to Sonic Forces for mobile (originally titles Sonic Forces: Speed Battle), but we’ll make an exception for today’s reveal. It’s always fun when a long dormant character or super form is revived, and in this case Darkspine Sonic from 2007’s Sonic and the Secret Rings has made a return as a playable character in Hardlight’s multiplayer take on their Sonic Dash series. Darkspine Sonic also has three new flame-based abilities. So tap on over to Sonic Forces for mobile tomorrow and check out the new event to unlock Darkspine Sonic!

Sonic’s Road to Redemption: Part 2, Picking Up the Pieces

In February 2007, Sonic the Hedgehog was still fresh in the memories of Sonic fans. Yet they already had a new game to play in the form of the Wii exclusive Sonic and the Secret Rings. Secret Rings was a radically different kind of Sonic game, featuring on-rails play and a heavy emphasis on motion controls.  Secret Rings had been championed the previous year by journalists as a Sonic game that was actually good, that took a radically different approach to the formula to solve the franchise’s problems. What gamers actually got was a mixed bag of great and poor design decisions that was still a huge step up from Sonic 06, and would start Sonic on his slow, winding road to recovery.

Black Friday: Some SEGA deals you will want to take part in

Sadly this year doesn’t have too much SEGA stuff on sale. Not neat bundles like Sony, Microsoft or Nintendo are releasing. But you can get some pretty good games for really cheap. Example:

  • Walmart is having Yakuza 4 for $9.99.
  • Gamestop is having Sonic Generations for $29.99 (including 360 & PS3 versions)
  • Target is having Sonic and the Secret of the rings for $9.99.
If you guys go on our site and don’t know about Yakuza games, picking up the 4th one for only 10 bucks is a damn steal. Get it! It has videos that catch you up. That is all the SEGA related deals I could find. If you guys find other deals leave them in the comment box or contact us.