Main Bayonetta developers not involved with Metal Gear Rising game

You know you saw all that hype that the developers from Bayonetta are working on Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance. Its a half truth, Platinum Games are developing the Metal Gear Solid Rising title, but that doesn’t mean that the main people behind Bayonetta have already jumped on board. First of all, director Kamiya has not been announced as working on the project. He basically is the man behind Bayonetta, he directed it. That is the reason the game was so hyped.

Our forum member Pao brought up on his twitter account that he has already asked Kamiya who was doing character development on his next game:

“MGRising is not Kamiya’s next game. Why? I asked him months ago, who is the character designer and lead artist on his next project. He said its Mai Okhura and Masateru Shirai. The credits for Rising says Yoji Shinakawa and Takahito Washisaka. #DetectiveWork”

If that wasn’t enough, Kamiya himself (@PG_kamiya) has replied to fans tweets about how their glad he is working on his own game and not a Konami title. It could be that Platinum Games is in either finished or finishing up Anarchy Reigns and are in the planning stages for Bayonetta 2 while another smaller team works with Hideo Kojima’s on Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance.

Now it’s just a matter of time.


7 responses to “Main Bayonetta developers not involved with Metal Gear Rising game

  1. crackdude says:

    Yet, MGS will sell 32985092678059832678098523 copies, while Sega games sell like hotcakes in hell.

  2. Suzuki Yu says:

    no surprise at all for me here…
    from the moment i saw the brief gameplay trailer of MGS:R i was totally convinced for sure that the game is handled by a B-class team and Kamiya wouldn’t be the lead of the project.

  3. Megamansteve says:

    BTW is not Metal Gear “SOLID” Rising anymore, is just Metal Gear “RISING”.

  4. sth88 says:

    Not to spoil anyone’s fun, but just because Kayima isn’t making MGR, doesn’t mean he is currently working on / planning Bayonetta 2. I honestly don’t care which members of the PG team are working on a given game; they proved that they have talented people throughout the studio when they cranked out two stellar games in one year (Bayonetta and Vanquish in 2010).

    • George says:

      True. Only because he is not working on this title, doesn’t mean his next game (which he admits he is working on) is Bayonetta 2. That part is speculation. But its pretty much almost confirmed.

      Kayima has already been teasing Bayonetta 2, slowly on his twitter feed. Yes, he says its jokes and it could be. But why tease something like this? If he wants to make Bayonetta 2, which he says he does, he can. That is the best selling PG game so far, I’m sure SEGA would rather push Bayonetta 2 (which they own the IP) than a new title like Anarchy Reigns.

      Awhile back a Japanese member who has a pretty decent track record. He came in with 5 rumors or so at once, 4 of them came true during TGS, the Bayonetta 2 announcement was the only one to not ‘come true’. Could be that it was moved into 2012.

      Not saying its 100% sure, but it seems that way and is a educated guess.

  5. Sharky says:

    Praise the lord!

    When I saw the announcment yesterday for P* working on Metal Gear: slashy shlash it was like a punch to the face.

    I’ve never cared for the MGS series, I don’t like stealth games so this one means nothing to me and frankly it kind of looks a bit… urh, well not bad but after Bayonetta nothing special.

    I have hope again that Bayonetta 2 may be on its way!

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