Sonic 4 Episode 1 on the iPad, As You Truly Imagined It

SEGA has released an iPad version of Sonic 4 Episode 1 just in time for the holidays! No longer will players have to upscale the original iOS version of the game. Now, the game appears in HD! What more, word has it that the level select now matches the one found on the console versions, the original iOS version only had the simple menu listing. Also, Sonic sports a new model (perhaps what we’ll see in Episode 2?). The revamped Lost Labyrinth and Casino Street act 2’s are not present, however. Instead, the game features the original pinball mini-game and the strange mine cart. I noted in my original iOS review of the game that the strange mine cart, while a boring level in itself, does sport fun tilt controls. You can buy the iPad version now for only $1.99!


4 responses to “Sonic 4 Episode 1 on the iPad, As You Truly Imagined It

  1. DarkFailure says:

    I want to see that new model in action! Are there any screenshots or videos of it yet?

    • Not yet, though some are saying the falling animation is slightly tweaked and the shading is not cel shaded anymore (you can tell that in the screen above).

    • DarkFailure says:

      Yep. Looks like they are using the Unleashed/Generations modern model now.
      I want to see a video of it (the screens on iTunes don’t really show a lot)

  2. teirusu says:

    no is the same sonic 4 model just the graphics was the only change

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