SEGA Tunes: NiGHTS into Dream’s Orchestrated Main Theme

Say what you will about Dreams Dreams (I personally love it) NiGHTS has one of the most surprisingly epic orchestrated themes I’ve heard. Unlike the last two themes I’ve posted up, this one is a four minute long musical adventure. Also unlike the last two games, this song was never included in the game in its entirety, but instead used in the much shorter CGI opening. It was included in full on original soundtrack however. Go take a listen!

NiGHTS is not really a game I typically associate this sort of music with. I remember it more for “Message from Nightopia” and Twin Seed’s “Growing Wings” which sounded nothing like the orchestral theme we’ve got here. The most surprising part to me was when the music suddenly became a lot darker in the middle of the piece. You get a real sense that SOMETHING bad is happening. This song is almost like several different songs in one as it moves through several different themes before ending on the epic notes all of us NiGHTS fans remember from the opening!


One response to “SEGA Tunes: NiGHTS into Dream’s Orchestrated Main Theme

  1. Barry the Nomad says:

    Man, I loved this track, even though it was a short snippet in the game. The full version is awesome, up there with the Shenmue suite.

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