SEGA Tunes: Mario & Sonic remixes Super Mario Land World 1-1

It’s not every day we get to feature a Mario track on Tuesday Tunes. But given the love affair between Sonic and the Big N lately, it seems only fitting to celebrate the recent release of multiple Sonic and Mario titles with a soundtrack that combines the musical stylings of both.

Though this is a remix of a Mario song, it currently feels like something SEGA would produce. The structure of the song is more complicated then what you would typically find in a Mario track, which tend to be more simplistic, though no less fine to the ear, as the Mario Galaxy OST can surely attest to. This is an excellent remix of a track I could barely remember before hand. If this is indicative of Mario & Sonic 2014’s overall soundtrack, I will certainly be seeking out the rest of the OST in the future.


One response to “SEGA Tunes: Mario & Sonic remixes Super Mario Land World 1-1

  1. If you were looking for the rest of the ost
    (in particular all the sonic tracks) they’re here:
    Most of them actually aren’t very good this time around.

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