A huge amount of Sonic digital PC content available now!

What a huge morning for Sonic fans! Sega has just announced a bucketload of PC Sonic digital content available now. Sonic CD is now on steam! For a limited time, purchase Sonic CD and you get DLC for Spiral Knights that lets you dress your knight as Metal Sonic. Want more Sonic in your spiral Knights game? You can also purchase a Tails Knight! Also, Sonic 4: Episode 1 finally arrives on your PC as well as the DLC content for Sonic Generations. Talking about my Generations, there’s a demo available for that as well. Happy Sonic PC DLC day!


6 responses to “A huge amount of Sonic digital PC content available now!

  1. SMT Xero says:

    Is the DLC just casino night pinball?

  2. ShadiNeko says:

    $9.95 SUCKAH


    urgh ;.; lol Tails should of been part of the SONIC CD purcahse too

  3. That Metal Sonic armor is awesome. I remember in the beta I made the request for SEGA related items and armor. Glad they listened to me and others!

  4. Shigs says:

    WTF is with those Sonic 4 requirements?!! That’s really high for a game with simple graphics.

    • ShadiNeko says:

      Sonic Team quality PC ports. lol Sonic Generations wasn’t ported by Sonic Team, I’m guessing Sonic 4 was.

      I still have flashbacks from PSOBB and PSU on PC. They are so bad(not the games but how they ran, lol)

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