Yuji Naka spills the beans on a Sonic movie?

It has been revealed by Naka himself recently that he visited the Mazra Animation studios. The animators behind the Sonic Unleashed CGI scenes and Generations CGI ads. On both Twitter and Facebook he makes comments that sound along the lines that there may be a Sonic animated movie in the works.

Marza Animation Planet is made up of members from VE R&D (http://sega.jp/corp/saiyo/csjob/ve.shtml), which is a division he had a hand in creating. It looks like they’re working on a Sonic movie. Their offices seem nice, and they have a screening room / theatre there.

Whether it may just be some CGI for an upcoming game or a full blown movie remains to be seen. Sega has not made any comment on the matter so far.


11 responses to “Yuji Naka spills the beans on a Sonic movie?

  1. Adam Duffield says:

    If anyone should make a sonic movie it should be those guys. Night of the werehog was brilliant 😀

  2. blarghen says:

    A full CG Sonic movie? I’d definitely go watch that in theaters.
    Then pirate it. Then buy it on DVD. (Maybe. Only if it has unreleased/beta goodies, or behind the scenes stuff.)

    I just hope they don’t awkwardly involve humans. ’06 kissing and Chris’ freakish obsession is enough.

    Lastly, hopefully it won’t be 100% centered on Sonic. He has friends. Friends who have been left out for far too long.

  3. Sharky says:

    I think the this being a full blown movie is VERY unlikely.

    Seems like something was lost in translation, when he says movie I think he’s simply calling any CGI scene ‘movie’.

    I suspect it is CGI for an upcoming Sonic game.

  4. SEGA_Portuguese says:

    I agree with Sharky.

    PS: Naka-San is manly in this pic.

  5. I don’t think a movie is happening, however I’d love to see a 10 minute short like Night of the Werehog to accompany every main series title. Have it premiere on G4 in anticipation of the game, or better yet attach it to a movie as a pre-film short.

    Would be awesome if they were making a Generations short.

  6. Radrappy says:

    say what you will about sonic games, their cinematic have been top notch as of late. 100% behind whatever marza is doing though hopefully it isn’t feature length. The time is not quite yet ripe for something like that. Almost though. Almost. . .

  7. Autosaver says:

    The article posted on SSMB was updated saying it was a false alarm.

  8. Arc Christelle says:

    Yuji better shut the fuck up unless he’s talking about Rodea The Sky Soldier/Knight….

  9. STORM! says:

    It was a misstranslation. He never said that. He said that he was part of the creation of Marza when he was at Sega, by that time, and they have made a lot of CG movies for Sonic’s games.

    Note: this studio was build after Naka Yuji killed Sakura Taisen series long time ago. He has cut off Red Company, killed the series and left Sega right after that.

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