The Art of Video Games Companion Book Features Influential SEGA Games

While the Smithsonian’s Art of Video Games show doesn’t open until March 16th, fans can get their pre-orders in now for the show’s companion book. Retailing for $40, and up for pre-order for $24 on Amazon, the 216 page book makes the argument that games aren’t just for play, but are also “compelling experiences that have crossed the boundary into culture and art”. Writer Chris Melissinos uses the 80 games featured in the show to support this argument, and shares stories and comments about their development and innovation. The book will also feature interviews and over 100 composite images drawn directly from the games themselves.

After the break, a rundown of the SEGA titles to be featured in the book.

Zaxxon, 1982
Star Trek: Strategic Operations Simulator, 1983

SEGA Master System
Phantasy Star, 1987
After Burner, 1988

SEGA Genesis
Phantasy Star IV, 1993
Gunstar Heroes, 1993

SEGA Saturn
Panzer Dragoon Saga, 1998
Panzer Dragoon II: Zwei, 1996

SEGA Dreamcast
Sonic Adventure, 1998
Shenmue, 2000
Rez, 2001
ChuChu Rocket!, 1999

Panzer Dragoon Orta, 2003

Learn more about the show by visiting their official site.


5 responses to “The Art of Video Games Companion Book Features Influential SEGA Games

  1. nuckles87 says:

    It is so cool that Panzer Dragoon gets so much representation here XD. It really does deserve it.

    Though that said, it’s disappointing that NiGHTS got the shaft.

    • Yeah, the way they were sorted really wasn’t fair. Only Tomb Raider represented in the polls was the Saturn version which was deemed of the same “adventure” genre as NiGHTS. Thus all the votes went to Tomb Raider. They should have had the PS1 version of the game.

  2. Sharky says:

    No Jet Set Radio? That is suprising!

    • Barry the Nomad says:

      I looked back at the initial vote and it was a tough for both Jet Set/Grind Radio and Jet Set Radio Future. JSR was up against Sonic Adventure and Crazy Taxi. I voted JSR, but looks like Sonic fans beat it out. However, I’m cool with that as Sonic Adventure is Sonic’s only representation and he deserves a mention somewhere.

      JSRF was up against Psychonauts and Halo 2. Again, I voted JSRF but no f***ing way would JSRF beat Halo 2. At least Smile Bit’s Panzer Dragoon Orta got a spot.

  3. Sharky says:

    Urh I wish voting wasn’t involved… I wish they simply looked back at games with influential art and went from there.

    Most of those games would STILL be on the list and so would JSR! =(

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