British Electronic Group Nero Releases a SEGA Inspired Music Video

British electronic act Nero used SEGA arcade games as inspiration for the video of their single “You and Me”. The video kicks off in an arcade containing games like Daytona USA 2, SEGA Rally 3, Let’s Go Jungle! and Rambo. A teenager walks around playing the games, until he spots a group of “cool dudes” (who I assume to be Nero) and he follows them out of the arcade to a back room which contains a Nero arcade machine, which plays a lot like Streets of Rage. The teen plays the game, a few more SEGA references ensue (“Are You Ready” replaces “Get Ready”) and then the video ends. I can’t say I enjoy the tune, sort of comes off as a four and a half minute intro to nothing, but I do appreciate the SEGA nods and it’s a worthwhile watch just for that. Though don’t expect the music to go anywhere. Honestly, I’d prefer it if they just remixed this awesome track.


4 responses to “British Electronic Group Nero Releases a SEGA Inspired Music Video

  1. Sharky says:

    Ha I’ve heard this a few times now, never knew about the references! Awesome!

    The entire video reminds me of some kind of 80’s movie set up, with the arcade and the unplugged machine and all that typical 80’s action movie junk which I love.

  2. Arc Christelle says:

    Damn man… this is…some old ass news….

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