Jet Set Radio gets first gameplay trailer

The boys and girls over at Game Radar got an exclusive Jet Set Radio HD trailer, sadly the trailer isn’t running in high defenintion. Game Radar is showing giving this exclusive video the 2008 era YouTube quality love.

For what it seems, looks like the Jet Set Radio we all know and love. Doesn’t answer the questions we really want to know like if they are going to use the second joystick on controllers to move the camera or if they are going to be taking off tracks from the soundtrack.


3 responses to “Jet Set Radio gets first gameplay trailer

  1. Shigs says:


  2. Barry the Nomad says:

    Tune in. Turn on. Drop drop out.

    Man, this game is looking NICE. Can’t wait to play this for what will probably be my seventh playthrough.

    • segaismysavior says:

      I probably have 4 different saves across 3 memory cards, but I think I’ve only finished the game twice.

      I’ve only once tried to get Jet Ratings on the levels, but I quit that due to large amounts of swear words manufactured by the game’s controls.

      I will likely play the piss out of the HD version, especially if it has online leaderboards, or at least compares scores to your friends.

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