Sonic Universe #38 Preview

Segabits is would like to announce that we will now be doing preview and reviews of the Sonic comics. First up is a five page preview of Sonic Universe #38 (available in comic stores next week.) The second part of the “Scrambled” arc show that rotten Eggman invading Station Square with some Eggman-looking At-Ats just to get at the traitorous Snivley who has escaped from the Eggman empire to plead with his niece Hope. Meanwhile Omega and an entire army are fighting the invasion while Shadow and Rouge protect the president. (What a lousy way to keep those two out of the fight! I’m not much of a Shadow fan, but having him fight Eggman’s army would give this issue some great action.) Anyway, hit the jump for the full preview of this hard-boiled (Get it?) tale of treachery.



6 responses to “Sonic Universe #38 Preview

  1. Jkun says:

    Wow I haven’t really paid close attention to Archie in ages but Snively’s mini-eggman clothes are ADORABLE.

  2. Gagaman says:

    What’s Penny from Inspector Gadget doing in the comic? 😛

    • The real question is: where is Brain? Penny can’t do it on her own!

      And while I am no longer a fan of the comics (the SatAM characters needed to stay in the ’90’s) I am a fan of Snivley’s new outfit.

  3. nuckles87 says:

    Why should they have stayed in the 90s?

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