Have some rare House of the Dead concept art

Kori over at The Website of the Dead has posted a few concept art pieces. Some of the pieces are pretty awesome, I love concept art like this. If you guys want to see the rest of the concept art, click here. If you guys have any rare items that pertains to The House of the Dead franchise, you should contact Kori. I’m sure he would love it.


4 responses to “Have some rare House of the Dead concept art

  1. Kori-Maru says:

    I think I have almost most of them. I’m gonna upload more pictures later on of the bosses and such.

  2. Kori-Maru says:

    If you guys are interested in more concept art. I have some from The House of the Dead III.

  3. loempiavreter says:

    Yeah, sure I’m also very interested in the HOTD III concept art (and more especially boss art).

    Alhough if you ever stumble in HOTD 4 boss concept art… pff that’s the stuff I’m looking for.

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