Homebrew Mega Drive/Genesis platformer ‘Mega Cheril Perils’ gameplay revealed

It seems that not only is the Dreamcast one of the consoles that refuses to die, but so is the SEGA Mega Drive/Genesis. This time we have ‘The Mojon Twins’ who are developing Mega Cheril Perils for the old 16-bit console.

We posted about this game awhile back, this is suppose to be a follow up to a earlier title created for the ZX Spectrum. The game is rather strange, having you take control of a naked Cheril who has to use her time freezing ability via a time capsule, which will allow her to traverse the stages. My only issue with the game is that the jumping and movement seem to need some work.

You can see some of the gameplay yourself in the video above. As you can see they are teasing this as coming out soon and is expected to get a physical cartridge release. How many of you here are going to add this title to your SEGA Genesis/Mega Drive collection?

[Via: Retro Collect]


One response to “Homebrew Mega Drive/Genesis platformer ‘Mega Cheril Perils’ gameplay revealed

  1. CrispX says:

    Rom need it. Great game.

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