Anarchy Reigns – Bayonetta Trailer!

Good news everyone. We begged, we pleaded and it finally happened! Bayonetta joins Jack of Mad World fame and a host of other off the wall characters as a playable fighter in Sega and Platinum Games’ 16 player online beat-em-up Anarchy Reigns!

Which begs the question, who could possibly be next? I’m holding out hope for Sam Gideon from VANQUISH, which is probably my all time favourite 3rd person shooter. (Go buy it!) But I would also LOVE to see Shinobi make an appearance, am I asking for too much? I don’t think so!


9 responses to “Anarchy Reigns – Bayonetta Trailer!

  1. If this was a day one purchase already, now it has become a “try to find it before release” purchase.

  2. Randroid says:

    PG hasn’t disappointed yet.

    Sega should do anything and everything to incorporate them.

  3. Randroid says:

    “She’s a f<3<3<3ing celebrity in this town, too."

    Haha, awesome.

  4. Wish we could make it so the SEGAbits forums replaced “fuck” with “f<3<3<3"

  5. CrazyTails says:

    lol its so funny how the game itself is looking much better all of a sudden. Maybe the game has become better ?? Looks fantastic

  6. samsonite says:

    I was gunna buy Anarchy Reigns day one,but after that Bayonetta trailer I want to go to Osaka Japan and steal the game from Platinum game offices to play it at this very instant! Want the game so much now!!

  7. SOUP says:

    Looks awesome :D.

  8. Chaosmaster8753 says:

    “Which begs the question, who could possibly be next?”


  9. Alimn says:

    SEGA should back PG games better, such a
    crazy company, Bayonetta, Vanquishi…
    and now this game (hope they get PC Digital
    release too).

    Oh damn, I just browsed SEGAbits and saw
    Ren from Shen2 on top of site, i was like wtf!


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