Anarchy Reigns Japanese PSN and LIVE demo now available. In full English!!

Get your Japanese PSN and X-Box LIVE account going because the Anarchy Reigns AKA Max Anarchy demo is now out! As you can tell in this youtube first impressions video, it has options to put the game in full English including the dialogue, options and subtitles. This is great news for those who wish to import this game since it won’t be at E3 and sadly doesn’t look like it will make it’s way here anytime soon. Can someone tell me why this game does not look like it will be available in the U.S. for awhile if at all when it’s got full localization?!!

Thanks to Substance TV for the first impressions video.


17 responses to “Anarchy Reigns Japanese PSN and LIVE demo now available. In full English!!

  1. Orta says:

    How to get English text:
    1 – From the main menu, go to the options screen.
    2 – In the options menu, select the fifth option.
    3 – Press left or right on the three sub-options and you’ll see the word ENGLISH.
    4 – Press X to confirm, then O to return to the main menu. The options menu won’t change unless you go back to the main menu.
    5 – The game should now be in English.

  2. Crazytails says:

    I wanna read impressions!!

  3. Drust says:

    If you create a Japanese Xbox Live account can you use Japanese content on your Euro or US live account once you’ve downloaded it to your hard drive like you can with the PS3 once you’ve downloaded it from PSN?

  4. SMT_Xero says:

    I can’t find the demo on the japanese xbox marketplace. Anyone else have this issue?

  5. sonicplayer says:

    Wow that’s f@#@ed up, Sega release the game, cause this looks like madworld HD, except with more playable characters.

  6. Upsidedown Fuji says:

    I totally didn’t care about this game till I watched the gameplay video. I had an opportunity to play it at TGS last year but I was more interested in trying to get into PSO2 to bother with it. Now I see what all the hubbub was about.

    As for the video, the guy playing it is a bit over sensitive to what’s “racist”. I wouldn’t go as far as the portrayl of The Baron is racist but its definately rough and stereotypical. I think his character is just fine.

    I wonder if SEGA is holding this game back because they feel it won’t sell well in the US based on recent games like Vanquish and BD. Did Mad World even sell that well? Or maybe they got their hint from God Hand (awesome game) which was critically acclaimed but sold poorly.

    Who knows but SEGA should try selling it abroad. It looks like its pretty much finished anyhow. If SEGA doesn’t sell it abroad I could buy it for some of the SEGAbits members but it probably won’t be cheap when it gets released in Japan. Most new games sell for over 6800-8000 yen a new game depending on what it is.

    • Scartis says:

      SEGA can’t just release the game in the west with no proper decent advertisement campaign, as it will just end up being another criminally overlooked and ignored comercial failure just like Vanquish, Madworld, Binary Domain and Bayonetta all ended up being, I would rather not buy Anarchy Reigns if it meant SEGA holding back for the right time to release it any way, so I don’t mind the delay, if it means SEGA is taking it’s time to market it correctly.

  7. Shigs says:

    I’m nor worried about a delay. I’m worried about it not coming at all.

  8. Substance TV says:

    Hey guys, thanks for the feature with the video! Yes I was also glad to see the English option. My only question is will the import version support U.S. network or online mode. If so I’m tempted to import it.

  9. Shigs says:

    If it supports online in the demo, I don’t see why not?

  10. Lent says:

    I can’t really see this selling in the West tbh, I tried the demo last night and I can just see it ending up like Vanquish and Mad World all over again.

  11. atlus23 says:

    i dont see a free demo on psn?do i need
    ps+?some1 plz help me=_=

  12. atlus23 says:

    ps i hav a japanese acc

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