Project X Zone website updates with character voice samples



If you go here you will see the official Project X Zone website. right away you will be treated to the game’s theme song. Wow, isn’t that a catchy song? Now that you are finished rocking out, you can click on ‘Entry Title’ to view character voice samples. If you look on the left you will see company logo with Japanese lettering beneath it. Those Japanese letters are list of characters. Click randomly for random voices.

If you haven’t seen our article on characters that have been revealed yet, then check that out here.


2 responses to “Project X Zone website updates with character voice samples

  1. ScottishDuck says:

    Is that Megurine Luka behind Ulala?

  2. Scot/Pict/Caledonian says:

    Great to see Space Harrier and Opa Opa, if they are in and revealed this early. just imagine what other SEGA franchises are yet to be revealed.

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