New Project X Zone 2 trailer released, demo coming soon

A brand new trailer for Project X Zone 2 has arrived! Along with it, we get some of the gameplay in action including a more cartoonish Kazuma from the Yakuza series. Once again, Sega, Capcom and Namco/Bandai come together for one large crossover action RPG (along with some characters from Nintendo’s own JRPG franchises).

If you haven’t played the first one and are curious about the gameplay or just want a sneak peek at the upcoming title, Nintendo will have a demo available on the 3DS E-Shop Thursday, January 26. In the meantime, read on to find out which Sega franchises will be represented in this sequel.

Project X Zone 2 releases on the Nintendo 3DS in North America February 16.

Segata Sanshiro is confirmed for Project x Zone 2

Segata Sanshiro, the fictional marketing character created by SEGA Japan during the Sega Saturn era seems to be making a sort of ‘revival’. It was confirmed on Weekly Famitsu that Segata Sanshiro will have  his own playable solo unit character on the upcoming Project X Zone 2! No screenshots yet, but we will post them when we get them.

The following characters from other publishers have also been confirmed:

  • Captain Commando (Captain Commando, Capcom)
  • June Lin Milliam (Star Gladiator, Capcom)
  • Heihachi Mishima (Tekken, Bandai Namco).

Project X Zone 2 hits Japan on November 12th, North America and Europe players get it early 2016. Check out all the Segata Sanshiro commercials while you wait!

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Project x Zone 2: Brave New World trailer shows off new Shinobi and Yakuza crossover has now officially spilled the beans on the new upcoming Project x Zone 2: Brave New World video game coming to the Nintendo 3DS this fall worldwide! The game shows off some new crossover characters that will be brand new including SEGA fan favorites (listed below):

List of franchises/characters confirmed:


  • Shinobi (PS2): Hotsuma Hotsuma
  • Yakuza Dead Souls: Kazuma Kiryu and Majima Goro
  • Virtua Fighter: Yuki Akira and Kage-Maru
  • Sakura Wars: Ichiro Ogami and Erica Fontaine


  • Resident Evil: Revelations: Chris Redfield and Jill Valentine
  • Resident Evil 6: Leon S. Kennedy
  • Devil May Cry: Dante and Virgil
  • Mega Man X: X and Zero
  • Strider: Flying Dragon


  • Tales of Vespera: Yuri Lowell and Flynn Shifo
  • Tekken: Jin Kazama and Kazuya Mishima
  • .hack//: Kite and Haseo
  • Soul Calibur V: Natsu

Obviously some of the characters listed are returning from the previous game. To see all the tie-ins in the last Project x Zone, here is a complete list. Hit the jump to see screens.

Update: Replaced the Japanese trailer with the English one released by Namco-Bandai USA. Meaning that yes, its going to come West this fall!

New Project X Zone E3 trailer and batch of screenshots released

Are you excited for the upcoming Project X Zone cross-over game featuring some pretty neat SEGA characters and cameos? Well even though the Japanese port of the title isn’t breaking front pages on websites right now, they still released a new English trailer and batch of screenshots.

So, are you going to get this on your 3DS when it comes out June 25th (US) and July 5th (EU)?

Project X Zone crossover contest – Mash up Namco, Sega, & Capcom characters

Capcom-Unity in collabration with Namco Bandai Games and SEGA West are hosting a fan art contest for Project X Zone, which is set be released on June 25 in the US and July in Europe, to have your favorite Capcom character dressed as another character from Namco or SEGA. Will someone draw Jin from Cyberbots in Ogami Ichiro’s outfit from Sakura Wars, Frank in Bruno Dillenger’s attire from Die Hard Arcade (Dynamite Deka in Japan), or go all out drawing Felicia with Sonic the Hedgehog’s gloves and shoes? The possibities are endless! The contest runs from today through Friday May 31, 9pm PST and Capcom-Unity will pick up to 3 winners for the limited edition of Project X Zone. There’s also another contest if anyone is attending MCM Expo this year for cosplaying as one of the cover characters in Project X Zone.

Project X Zone Limited Edition version revealed


Did you know if you pre-order Project X Zone, you will get the limited edition version for free? Yep, the first printing run of Project X Zone comes in a neat case, soundtrack, mini-art book, and a mini-poster to hang on your man cave.

Not sure if this is a Gamestop exclusive, but it was the only site that I found the ‘limited edition’ version. Amazon hasn’t even updated the release date (since it was delayed or have box art up).

Project X Zone hits American retailers in June


It seems that Namco-Bandai is set to publish Project X Zone in America  and they plan on releasing on it June 25th. The game takes popular characters from Namco, Capcom and our dear blue SEGA . The idea is to combine them in a big RPG for the Nintendo 3DS.

Looking at all those characters in the header, I’m wondering who would win in a fight: Akira Yuki vs Ryu vs Jin Kazama? I will be biased and go with Akira, how about you?

Project X Zone to include over 200 characters

Now, just because they promise 200 characters, doesn’t mean there will be 200 playable characters. It just means there will be a ton of cameos, some will be villains others NPCs. If you haven’t heard about Project X Zone, it will feature characters from SEGA, Namco-Bandai and Capcom in a tactical RPG on the Nintendo 3DS.

I know what you are saying, “When is the game out?” Sadly, the game hasn’t been announced for release outside of Japan and I doubt it will make its way out of there. Namco x Capcom on the PS2 stayed Japan exclusive as well.

Project X Zone website updates with character voice samples



If you go here you will see the official Project X Zone website. right away you will be treated to the game’s theme song. Wow, isn’t that a catchy song? Now that you are finished rocking out, you can click on ‘Entry Title’ to view character voice samples. If you look on the left you will see company logo with Japanese lettering beneath it. Those Japanese letters are list of characters. Click randomly for random voices.

If you haven’t seen our article on characters that have been revealed yet, then check that out here.

Yuji Naka working on a fishing game with Namco Bandai

Famitsu has revealed a new fishing game being done at Namco Bandai. In the write up, they say that the producer is none other than Yuji Naka. Well, isn’t that something. The game is obviously set to appear on the Nintendo Wii.
The game will take the player to tropical island resorts, jungle lakes and other watery locations to catch over 200 fish and collect over 1,000 items. Included in the game are penguins, because Naka loves those little guys.

Didn’t know there was a huge market for fishing games, but just gives you a little hope for a Big the Cat fishing game from SEGA.

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Idolmaster teaming up with Project Diva 2nd

Namco Bandai and SEGA have announced that in Hatsune Miku: Project Diva 2nd you will be able to download Idolmaster songs and costumes. SEGA have said they have 2 Idolmaster songs ready, but did not say which ones.

The DLC will be released in the fall, Project Diva 2nd goes on sell in the end of the month. To find out more about the costumes, I suggest you hit up the source link.

[Source: AndriaSang]