EuroGamer Provides Loads of Additional SASRT Details

Eurogamer has a preview of Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed that I highly recommend you read. It’s very well written and pretty effectively illustrates the struggles many arcade racer developers are having today, and how much of a unique case the success of the original Sonic & SEGA All-Stars Racing is.

The article also has loads of new info, which I’ve reported below:

The game has 27 characters. This is 7 more than the last game, not counting console specific characters.

A WiiU release cannot be confirmed or denied. I personally am quite confident we’ll see it at E3, but I guess we’ll just have to wait and see.

The development team has been expanded, taking in people from two recently closed British game development studios that specialize in arcade racing titles: Bizarre Creations, the people responsible for Project Gotham Racing, The Club, and Blur, as well as people from Black Rock, creators of Split/Second. Gareth Wilson, whom we met at the press event in San Francisco, is one of those people. He came from Bizarre Creations and has games like Project Gotham 2-4 as well as Blur under his belt.

The 27 characters will be unlocked in a single player adventure mode apparently inspured by games like Super Mario Galaxy. EuroGamer quotes Wilson as saying “There’s a feeling of starting at one place and unlocking characters, rescuing them as you progress through the game and different game modes… I thought the original game was a fantastic driving experience but maybe lacked a little bit in meta-game type stuff – progression and things like that.”

These characters can be leveled up via XP earned in races. The XP can be earned by filling the All-Star gauge, which also allows racers to activate their All-Star move. With each level players an unlock stickers, achievements and vehicle mods which can alter a vehicle’s handling.

Finally, we also got some details on the final weapons that will be in the game. These weapons are apparently inspired by Looney Tunes Acme weaponry:

The homing missile will be a little remote control Sonic car, complete with transformations.

The shield will be a catcher’s mitt that will capture incoming weapons and allow the player to use them.


3 responses to “EuroGamer Provides Loads of Additional SASRT Details

  1. GamerTB says:

    “Looney Tunes Acme weaponry”

    Aw heck. I hoped they wouldn’t recycle this sort of bland, uninspiring item theming, I mean they could’ve at least–

    “The homing missile will be a little remote control Sonic car”

    All is forgiven.

  2. Hitrax says:

    Why do people keep going on about the Wii U? Who gives a shit, it’s a Nintendo console, yet another Ninty console that is vastly underpowered compared to the generation it’s meant to be in, and Ninty are well known for not knowing which generation they are supposed to aim their consoles for.
    People only really buy Nintendo consoles to play Nintendo’s games anyway, plus I don’t know why but SEGA games on a Nintendo console still just doesn’t seem right..

  3. -nSega54- says:

    “Why do people keep going on about the Wii U? Who gives a shit,”

    Clearly people do; that’s why they’re going on about it.

    So you’ve answered your own question.

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