SEGA West boss Mike Hayes set to part ways this summer

Announced this morning is that SEGA Europe and America CEO Mike Hayes is set to leave the company in the coming summer. Hayes has been CEO of SEGA Europe for 8 years and took on responsibility from Simon Jeffrey as CEO of SEGA America when the former LucasArts CEO was relieved of his duties. Hayes’ own personal ambition now is set to be on non-exec roles within and outside of the industry. Speaking to MVC, Naoya Tsurumi released the following statement;

“Mike has achieved a huge amount during his time at Sega and we thank him for the amazing things he has accomplished. Mike is a great character and very passionate about the industry, he helped steer the extraordinary growth of Sega and has built an exceptional team of professionals that will stand us in good stead for the future.”

Mike Hayes is set to leave the company having helped established a stronghold in Europe and the successful purchase of both critically acclaimed and commercially successful studios Sports Interactive and The Creative Assembly. Though towards the end of his tenure, he seemed to have provided mixed success for SEGA, Hayes’ contribution should see him leave with a good legacy at SEGA Europe. Jurgen Post, SEGA Europe’s current COO, is set to succeed Hayes although at this time, it is unclear if he is set to become CEO of both SEGA Europe and America, or if the roles will once again be split.


5 responses to “SEGA West boss Mike Hayes set to part ways this summer

  1. Mateus says:

    Bad news. Hayes is the guy who made SOE keep being the number 1 Sega of the world, and SOA turning into something which actually resembles Sega.

  2. CrazyTails says:

    I don’t know him well so i can’t really determine wether this is good or bad for SEGA’s future, in the sense that if it’s possible for someone better to take his place.

    I have read quite a few comments and remarks of his about game’s successes and failures. Well just my opinion, but he wasn’t always “that” accurate.

  3. crackdude says:

    As long as he doesn’t get replaced by someone worse.. it’s ok.

  4. betablocker says:

    Well he was awesome.

    The best part about him was he slowly climbed the Sega corporate ladder I hope his successor is also somebody from within the company rather than some asshole from LucasArts.

  5. RT says:

    Seeing as how they’re consolidating departments to save money (PR-speak: “streamlining”), I don’t see why they split Sega West in two, pay two CEOs, and probably create a whole bunch of other redundancies.

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