*UPDATE: Altered Beast and HotD cameos added* Disney’s Wreck-It Ralph trailer hits, check out Eggman’s cameo!

For those living under a rock, Disney has been working on a CG animated feature called “Wreck-It Ralph” which is essentially “Who Framed Roger Rabbit?” with video game characters. For quite some time we’ve known that Eggman had a cameo, but it wasn’t until today that we got to see Eggman in action. He doesn’t say much, if anything, but he’s there. Try and spot other SEGA characters in the Game Central Station scene. I’d assume Eggman, being in his modern design, crawled out of the Sonic & SEGA All-Stars Racing arcade machine. The movie hits this fall.

After the break, another SEGA baddie spotted!

Update: Thanks to The Gagaman and NeoGAF for spotting evil demon lord Neff from Altered Beast. That’s two SEGA cameos for the film:

Update 2: I knew that zombie looked familiar, it’s the zombie known as “Cyril” from the original House of the Dead:

Update 3: ashthedragon of Sonic Retro’s forums suggests that the yellow robot is from the 1993 Novotrade developed Genesis game Cyborg Justice. I’ll admit, it does look like the yellow cyborg with elements of the game’s other cyborgs such as the buzzsaw hand:


20 responses to “*UPDATE: Altered Beast and HotD cameos added* Disney’s Wreck-It Ralph trailer hits, check out Eggman’s cameo!

  1. Gagaman says:

    The zombie, while it could be from anywhere, does remind me a little of the House of the Dead ones purely because of the two axes it’s holding. Haha, probably not, it’s just a zombie.

  2. LOL @ Paperboy at 1:49

  3. Gagaman says:

    Some on NeoGAF are suggesting the purple rhino in the villain meeting could be the final boss from Altered Beast. Even the armour matches up for the most part. Oh maaan.

  4. Sega Uranus says:

    Movie looks better than I expected, does not look like a classic, but I never expected it to be so accurate as to what games are actually about. I am sure everyone here knows what I mean, the media always confuses them with endless scoring murder simulators.

    Dr Robotnik, Bowser or Pac-Man ghosts being in it does not seem like that big of a deal, but the last boss from Altered Beast being in really blind-sided me. Very cool. I never even knew his name!

    I intend on watching it as I am a massive John C Reilly fan, but Sarah Silverman being in it is really scaring me off. I hope her roll is very small.

  5. Ronnie42 says:

    I think I died and without to heaven.lol

  6. DCGX says:

    HA That was awesome! I’m definitely looking forward to this movie now. Plus there was some legitimate funny lines/dialogue in there.

  7. Kori-Maru says:

    OMG…. Cyril the Axe Zombie….. I’m going to watch this movie day one! Looking at Eggman, he looks like his other CGI counterparts. It’ll be interesting if SEGA and Disney work together on a Sonic movie.

  8. Kori-Maru says:

    And Cyborg Justice. I use to play that with my older brother. Just thought about the game the other day.

  9. Justin says:

    You should also take a look at the scene where Ralph takes a bite out of the cherry…

    • Yeah, Atari’s Paperboy. Cool addition. 🙂

    • Jessica says:

      ok so I’ll star from the demon guy which I have no idea, but pretty sure the ninja is a generic mcninja(unsure of the game though), Bowser(mario bros. ect), Zangief(street fighter?) Eggman/Ivo Robotnic(sonic the hedgehog), M. Bison(street fighter), Clyde (pac-man), Big Yellow Robot thing?(???), Mishaela(Shining Force), Neff(altered beast), Beholder(Dungeons & Dragons), Kono(Mortal Kombat) and lastly Cyril(house of dead)

      like I said I still have no idea who the demon is, there is abit of speculation that it might be a rip off of diablo

  10. baird says:

    I identified everyone but three.

    The demon with the pitchfork.
    The ninja next to him (ryu hyabusa? from ninja gaiden?)
    the blue haired and blue skin chick (between saw hand and Lord Neff).

    Any ideas?

    • inspectornills says:

      Someone suggested that the blue skinned chick might be the dark queen from battletoads.

    • Theou Aegis says:

      Actually, if you look at the heavy leaning toward Sega’s games, especially the Genesis, I think she might be Mishaela from Shining Force.

  11. Lifted says:

    At 1.46 thats definitely the boss from Karnov the orange T Rex.

  12. Judson Joist says:

    Cyborg Justice has a catchy soundtrack. Gameplay needed to be streamlined a bit. I could imagine “Saw-Hand,” GutsMan, and WALL•E as co-workers on some postmodern industrial “wasteland” planet (“wasteland” being a relative term since one man’s trash is another droid’s treasure). And maybe also Low-G Man. His job would be to ensure that none of the robots or computer systems got hacked by alien terrorists.
    I can’t believe I haven’t watched ‘Wreck-It Ralph’ yet! Is Karnov in it? Speaking of which, there’s a Karnov movie too. It’s an indie flick. Fun concept.

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