Saturn launch makes Cracked’s list of worst marketing failures in video game history posted an article titled “The 5 Worst Marketing Failures in the History of Video Games” and happen to use a Virtua Fighter image to promote the article. Since I’m a SEGA fan I decided it was worth a read. The SEGA Saturn comes in at number 5, with Jamie Kennedy’s E3 presentation coming in at number 4. Yeah, I guess fucking up a whole console generation is not as bad as having Jamie Kennedy talk for an hour super high at your E3 press conference.

I think SEGA got off easy, I’m sure they could have written a million ways SEGA has screwed up royally with their marketing or lack of marketing. Note: I like Clockwork Knights and Daytona USA so fuck the author of the article.


14 responses to “Saturn launch makes Cracked’s list of worst marketing failures in video game history

  1. Amrith says:

    Clockwork Knight was a solid game with a refined mood, this n00bie guy forgot his head in a wall cupboard. Plus, the worst SEGA system launching was obviously 32X, not Saturn.

  2. Mengels7 says:

    Fuck Seanbaby? No, that’s where a line needs to be drawn. Fuck you, George.

    • Sybnios says:

      No dude fuck ignorance and bad taste. If you share these with this smart ass seanbaby.. well that’s too bad for you.

    • Synbios16 says:

      Off topic, but you do know that guy in your avatar picture is named “Synbios” not “Sybnios”, right?

  3. Sybnios says:

    hahaha naive ignorant fools. Its always like that with everything in life! Anything that offers quality and “magic” was rejected by the mass! So little they know…

  4. crackdude says:

    No way in hell I’d buy Clockwork Knight on console launch. That boxart just looks stupid.

  5. batfax says:

    Comedy writer known for strong language and opinions says stuff that bothers you, you use strong language in an overall even toned blog.

    Yeah okay.

  6. CosmicCastaway says:

    As much I love all things SEGA, they did catch a lot of the third party developers off-guard with their surprise early-release of the Saturn. So it might have not been the greatest marketing decision in the long run. Still, I agree with you George that SEGA’s launch games (aside from Bug which I have not played) are all quite excellent.

  7. Gagaman says:

    Surely the 32X was their biggest mistake? There are more games in that Saturn launch line up worth playing than there was in the entire 32X library. Releasing the Saturn as a E3 surprise was daft though.

    • George says:

      I find it hard for people to defend Seanbaby with a shit list like this. Saturn launch is a bigger failure than something like Jimmie Kennedy at E3. 32x is a bigger marketing failure as well.

      I know Seanbaby gets credit for being on EGM and doing some good content (even if I did disagree with some of it), this one on the other hand is a bit shit. I thought he could have done better.

  8. @BareKnuckle4 says:

    “fuck the author” hahaha

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