SEGA Tunes: Vintagenesis’s Golden Axe Melody

I never go searching around for fan made remixes when I’m looking for a Tuesday Tune. Not necessarily because they can’t be good, but because so many of them aren’t really that special. I want to keep this feature focused on SEGA’s own work. There is so much of it to explore and use, I try not to waste a week on something not from the company unless it’s really, really good.

Vintagenesis is very, very good. They’ve got quite a few songs on their channel, but this is easily the one to get me hooked. It takes the epicness of the old school soundtrack and enhances it with some pretty epic guitar riffs. Hope you guys enjoy!


3 responses to “SEGA Tunes: Vintagenesis’s Golden Axe Melody

  1. celsowm says:

    One day SEGA will recognize the value of your fans in Brazil !!!

    Somos brasileiros e não desistimos nunca !!!

  2. Cledson says:

    Thanks a lot to post our video!
    We feel great that you like that!
    Hugs from Brazil!

  3. CosmicCastaway says:

    This is incredibly brilliant!

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