New Anarchy Reigns trailer appears at Canada’s EB Games stores

SEGAbits forum member and EB Games employee Randroid reported a bit of good news in our forums regarding the elusive Anarchy Reigns. While SEGA West has said nothing of the game since April’s restructuring, Randroid says that the latest DVD containing the trailers that play non-stop on the store’s televisions arrived and on that disc is an English trailer for Anarchy Reigns! Randroid says that these in-store trailers advertise games coming out within the next two months, and buying a spot on the EB Games in-store televisions does not come cheap and that SEGA probably made the buy recently. Our tipster says that the store’s computers still list the early July release date, which as we know has been changed to “TBC” on most sites, so nothing new on that. But the fact that an ad has popped up is a good sign, and possibly means that we’ll be seeing the game later in July or early August if the original release date is to be changed. Fingers crossed!

Thanks for the tip, Randroid.


One response to “New Anarchy Reigns trailer appears at Canada’s EB Games stores

  1. Limmy says:

    Is this game really worth it? I tried the demo and it doesn’t seem like anything special, no more than just a more detailed Spike Out (’98 Arcade game), I probably never gave it much time and should give it a few more shots as I was only able to try it for half an hour and haven’t been on it since. But to be realistic here it will probably do them more harm than good, just yet another new IP under advertised game not selling well in the West yet again.

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